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Clean it before you jerk it

Dont be that elite

Tuesday 4/3/11
Take 15 min to establish your 1 RM Squat clean and jerk
4 rounds for reps and time:
Max handstand pushups
rest time it takes to do pushups and run
15 Good mornings (65/45)
15 GHD situps

Coaches corner: Part 1 use as many sets as needed to establish your 1rm SQUAT clean and jerk. Not a power clean to front squat. For part 2 if it takes you 3 min to do max HSPU and run 400 then rest 3 min before you start again. Runs should be as fast as you can, dont pace it. Part 3 is not timed

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5 ways to spot a good nutritionist

New studies support claims that sugar is toxic

This is pretty bad ass!

Watch before you go to bed and dream of heavy clean and jerks

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