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Holiday Schedule 

Christmas Eve -10:30 am only

Christmas – day closed

12/26 – 10:30 am only

New Years Eve 10:30 am only

New Years Day 5:30 pm 6:30 pm WOD

7:30 pm Beginners 

Monday 12/24/2012


1 Christmas Power Snatch (95# / 65#)
2 Ring dips
3 Burpees
4 Pull-ups
5 Toes-2-Bar
6 Push-ups
7 Air-Squats
8 Jumping Lunges (each jump = 1)
9 Box Jumps (20″ for Men & Women)
10 10′ Wall-Balls (20# / 14#)
11 KBS (53# / 36#)
12 Thrusters (95# / 65#)

This workout is done just like the song….Round 1 = 1 Christmas Power Snatch, Round 2 = 2 Ring Dips and 1 Power Snatch ….etc. Until all 12 rounds are complete.

(This version of 12 days WOD from Badger CrossFit)


CFSR WOD 12.20.2012

Kent - Focusing on the last few reps.

Kent – Focusing on the last few reps.

Thursday 12/20/2012

Five rounds of:
Bear crawl 100 feet
Standing broad-jump, 100 feet

Do three Burpees after every five broad-jumps.
Timothy Brenton
Field Training Officer Timothy Quinn Brenton, 39, of the Seattle Police Department, was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting while on duty on October 31, 2009.

He is survived by his wife Lisa, his son Quinn, and daughter Kayliegh.

First posted October 21 2010

Endurance WOD

4 x 800

2 min rest

Low Carb – Paleo, Evolution in the discussion with Robb Wolf

One of the things I like about Robb is that he is engaged in a path of learning and improvement.  It is a constantly evolving process.  He is not sold on his own opinions but rather in a search for the truth.  He is not afraid to correct himself, a  quality I find rare in people considered to be experts in their field.

Fear not, less than 2 days til the end of the world.

“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.” 
― Mark Twain

Gravlax  (Salmon recipe)

Thats filthy

Great way to spent your labor day

Monday 9/5/11
Filthy Fifty
for time:
50 Box jumps (24/20)
50 Jumping pullups
50 KB swings 35#
50 Walking lunges
50 Knees 2 elbows
50 Push press 45#
50 Hip extension
50 Wallball shots (20/14)
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

In your face fitness

7 scientific was coffee gives you super powers

Is your fran time better then an NFL super star?

Remember that we are only offering the 9:30 and 10:30 class tomorrow for labor day. Enjoy your day off!!
Oktoberfit at Crossfit Silicon Valley. Anyone want to do this?

Get a grip


Funny stuff


Tuesday 8/16/11
5 rounds:
Max reps supine ring pulls
for time:
50 Kb swings (53/35)
50 Pullups
35 KB swings
35 Pullups
20 KB swins
20 Pullups

Sweet. 60,000 lbs. of ground beef recalled

Please read. Chalk it up

Burning runner: An inside look into crossfit culture

Crazy climbing skills



Eat good food. its not that hard


10:30 works on their racks

Friday 8/5/11
for time:
50 pushups w/ hand release
then 5 rounds
5 squat cleans (185/125)
10 Chest to bar pullups
400m plate run (45/25)

Scientists suggest red wine helps prevent sunburn

Even a little bit of exercise goes a long way

Still counting calories? Your weigth loss plan may be out dated

Your crossfit games winners

Go next year if you have the chance

Chuck Norris can eat just one Lay’s potato chip


Sunday class

Super awesome tought guy, Joe, will be instructing for us Sundays at 9am!

Tuesday 7/26/11
for time:
Thruster (95/65)

Stop bitching and do work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paleo diet: smart eating or latest fad?


Masters events announced. Does anyone know what crossfit event is this weekend?

We are opening up class time Sundays at 9am. Morning and evening regular Joe will be leading the class for anyone who wants to start working out on Sundays. Contact Tim, Joe, or myself if you have any questions.


Grass fed > crap fed

Wade fights through a muscle up then continues to do 29 more finishing the WOD RXd

Monday 7/11/11

Front squat
Against an 8 min clock:
Front squat (115/75)
Max reps
Double unders

15 Food companies that serve you wood

ARMY bans vibram five fingers

USDA finds in favor of grass fed cows

Old school

Squat heavy things

Wheres the steak?!?!?!?!?!

Happy birthday to Shelli. The official boss of the 10:30 class!

Saturday 6/9/11
3 rounds for time:
Run 1k
10 Muscle ups
100 Air squats

coaches corner:
If you feel frisky wear the 20# vest

Form vs. function

America just keeps getting fatter

Is food variety important?

top 10 scariest food additives

My thoughts exactly Ron

Lift heavy things

Dans nickname is no longer medium Dan, it is now buff Dan

Friday 7/8/11
Power clean and jush jerk
for time:
Power clean (145/100)
Toes 2 bar

 No one will prob understand why this video is funny but it is. Hitler zone

5 suprising signs of an unhealthy heart

Higher cholesterol levels associated with lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease

Lift heavy things and repeat



What do you call a broken escalator?

sounds about right

Thursday 7/7/11
4 rounds for time:
Run 400m
20 KB swings (53/35)
15 Goblet squats (53/35)
20 Overhead walking lunges (45/25)
10 Up and overs (24/20)

Most vegetarians become ex-vegetarians

Understanding the meaning of silence

Great stuff, I have the same rule. One rule



Human weightlifting

Alex decided to do Fran in his firefighter turn outs today for his birthday. Hell of a way to celebrate your Bday, great job!!!

Friday 7/1/11
for time:
40 Deadlifts (135/95)
30 Hang power cleans (115/75)
20 Thrusters (95/65)
10 Burpee bar hops

Coaches corner: For the 2nd part of the WOD you use the same bar for each lift. Strip weights off the bar as you go.
Cool site I just found, plenty of nerdy stuff. Zone 5 endurance

The rough days

Who will let me snatch balance them???

Are stretching and warmups overrated?

You must do a lot of back squats….

Wednesday 6/29/11

Back squat



In 9 min:

100 Situps

max rounds

20 Double unders

5 Back Squats (225/155)

Best damn pushups article period

If only…..

Squat deep and heavy…that is all….

Don’t feed your kids crap. Dont do it!!!

Gail went cherry picking.... get it?!?!?!?!?!

Thursday 6/23/11

Push press
As many rounds possible in 10 min:
10 Walking lunges w/ bar in rack position (75/55)
10 Thrusters (75/55)
Any time the bar come out of the rack position stop and complete 5 burpees

Wants and needs

Cigarettes will carry grisly warning lables

Study finds high rate of child food allegries in US

Just awesome!

Lady in red

Mario and Jay demonstrate what goes on at super awesome tough guy hour!

Saturday 6/18/11
3 rounds for time:
Row 1000m
50 Burpees
50 Box jumps
Run 800m

coaches corner: 1 and 2 round options will be used

House moves to bar genetically modified salmon

House clears budget bill with cuts to food safety

7 reasons you should eat eggs

Elite canoeing! No clever comments are needed for this video, it speaks for itself…..


How many cherrys can you pick?

Dan and Michelles son Andrew has many special talents

Friday 6/17/11
for time:
Cherry picking

MSG linked to weight gain

Where your ancestral heritage is important

Gluten free is going down

Some training motivation from the great Kenny Powers. If this is not funny, watch Eastbown and Down



Keep the chalk in the bucket!

Do not do this. If you do I will come to your house and draw a chalk line in your living room

Wendesday 7/8/11
As many rounds possible in 20 min:
5 Handstand pushups
10 Pistols
15 Pullups

Very scientific with great references. Best weight loss diets

Everything in moderation. The long road to nowhere. Great read please read it more then once

Aping the early human workout

Dont be like this guy!

Back to business

Matching shirts, matching knees 2 elbows

Monday 5/6/11
Run 800m
10 Wall climbs
30 Burpee pullups
50 Kb swings (53/35)
70 Wallball shots (20/14)
Run 800m


Niacin and statin trial halts early

Its not that hard people. Its really freaking not, dont eat CRAP

Big thanks to everyone who came out to watch the NorCal regionals this weekend, it was a wet and wild one. We have an awesome community and you guys are awesome!!! Thanks for all the support, it means a lot. Definitely been a tough weekend in more ways then one


They were doing burpee pullups so fast it could not be caught on film!

Friday 6/3/11

Split jerk

Max rounds in 10 min of:
7 Hang power cleans (135/95)
5 Shoulder 2 overhead (135/95)
*At the top of each min complete 8 Box jumps before going back to the bar

The private gym bill of rights

A good nights sleep isnt a luxury, its a necessity

Plus size

Here goes nothin

Just a reminder that I will not be at the gym tomorrow or Saturday but have no fear because Tim will be covering the classes so everything will be normal. Also Ill be doing the website as normal but expect the posts to be up at late/ weird times.

Here is the link to everything you need to know about the norcal regionals this weekend. Word on the street is that they are streaming it live online. Not sure where to find the link but im sure it will be on this page. You can also ask Brian B because he will know better then I would. Pops Sulon aka Papa Bear is setting up a Crossfit SR base camp so if you make it out send me a text or email to come hang out with the crew!


Now serving coke in baby bottles

May PRs. Keep it up!

Thursday 6/2/11
for time:
30 Chest to bar pullups
6 Squat snatch (95/65)
12 Knees 2 elbows
5 rope climbs

Will food plate replace food pyramid?

Planet earthwants everyone to leave

Pushing Coca-Cola on children

Inspiration from MJ


Tie dye is the key to barefoot running

Pictures of Kettlebells are very artistic

Tuesday 5/31/11
for time:
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Power Clean (155/105)
15-15-15-15-15-15-15-15-15-15 Situps
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Burpee Box jump (24/10)

US lifts sanctions in EU beef hormone row

Bacon: health food or devil in delicious disguise

A running video that is actually cool! Weightlifting videos are still cooler



Taylor lets his “natural abilities” power him through wods

Sunday 5/29/11

Rest day/ Mobility WOD

Mark Zuckerberg’s new challenge: eat only what he kills

Spice it up

Which of the 10 general skills do these guys have

Remember that memorial day there is no 5:30 or 6:30am class. Regular classes from 9:30 on.

Good stuff

The regionals have begun/ memorial day schedule

Brady 13 gets help on box jumps from his crazy hair

Saturday 5/28/11
3 rounds for time:
Run 800m
30 Burpees
30 Dumbell squat cleans (55/35)

Coaches corner: If we run into a backup on dumbbells then we will use bars for the squat cleans

Were all adults here….

With no labeling few realize they are eating genetically modified foods

Preview of the fun that will be had at the norcal regionals next Friday!

The plan as of right now if that there will be no early AM classes on memorial day. I gathered that no one was wanting to come in that early. We will run a normal class schedule from the 9:30am class on.

Super Sharks fans and new additions to the 10:30 crew, Julie Meghan and Kelsey, show off their dance moves to some Miley Cyrus during Friday snack time….


What are you doing about it?

The 10:30 crew has a knack for always understanding the workout very quickly …

Friday 5/27/11
As many rounds possible in 20 min of:
5 Thrusters (135/95)
10 Box Jumps (30/24)
15 KB swings (70/53)

What are you doing about it?

A memory tonic for the aging brain

Less active at work, Americans have packed on pounds

Whats the beef?

Kathys thoughts on Wades camera skills

Thursday 5/26/11
In 8 min:
establish the heaviest turkish getup you can handle for 1 rep
for time:
20 calorie row
30 burpees
40 DB clean and jerk (35/20) or barbell (95/65)
50 toes 2 bar
100 ft. overhead walking lunges (45/64)
Sprint 150 ft.

Finger length linked to mens risk of knee injury

Whats the beef with red meat?

For the Crossfitter who is also a dog lover or visa vera

Good for a cheap laugh





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