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WOD CFSR 2.17.2015

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“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain”



CFSR WOD 2.05.2015

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Warm Up – Bring Sally Back Squat 55/45 – UP the weight!

Strength – Stones & Tires 3×5 of each

Conditioning – 3 Rounds for Time

200 Meter farmer’s carry 45/25 (use plates or dumb bells )

20 Kettle bell Swings 53/35

200 Meter farmer’s carry

10 Push Ups

Bonus Abs – 50 V-Ups

For our friends with Elbow issues…Mobility Wod…


“Working out doesn’t have to be a chore. Have fun with it.”


CFSR WOD 1.24.2015

After your WOD – head to the Santa Clara Convention Center to cheer on CFSR’s 4 teams!

jan72015 033


Warm Up – 100 Ft Carioca

100 Ft Bear Crawl

100 Ft Soldier kicks

–Make sure you’re loose before sprints–

Speed – 8 x 50 meter Sprints

Strength – Over Head Squats 5 x 7 reps – each set gets heavier

Conditioning – 7 Min AMRAP

10 Box Jumps 24/20

10 Dumb Bell Box Step Ups 55/35

KIDS CLASS 11:30am –  Noon

Warm Up – 3-5 Min Foam Roll & Stretching

Front Squat – warm up air squat

Drills – Tabata Bear Crawl


5 Star Jumps

5 Burpees

5 Box Jumps 16″

Cool Down & Free Play on the bars & rings

Mobility WOD 6

“The best person to get something done is a busy person.”


CFSR WOD 1.23.2015

jan72015 022

Ashley’s ready for Moxie tonight!

jan72015 023

Krisztian, who’s managed to escape 99% of pictures taken at CFSR (Found one)….is ready!


Lori’s ready for her first partner competition!


Warm Up – Leg Mobility

Strength – Back Squat 5 x 10

Increase weight each set

Conditioning – 15 Min AMRAP

in teams of 3

Row for Calories

Toes 2 Bar

Thrusters 95/65

All must switch at the same time, switch as often as you like!  Strateeegery, folks ;)

Mobility Wod 5

“He who has done his best for his own time has lived for all times.”


CFSR WOD 12.30.2014

Show your body some love and give it a good New Years Cleanse!  You have until Jan 4th to get signed up for the Paleo Detox Cleanse.  Check out the “Nutrition” page on our site for more details!

12.12.14 023


Accessory Work – 4 Sets Each – Chin Ups, Dips, Banded Hamstring

30/30 Circuit 3xs at each station before you move to the next station

5 meter Shuttle Run

Row for Calories

Bike for Calories


Jump Squat 45/33

Kayakers 20/14

Push Ups

Jumping Lunge

Thruster 45/33

Kettle Bell Swing 53/35

Box Jump 24/20

Double Unders

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”


NUtty Trailmix

CFSR WOD 12.3.2014

sept30 052WEDNESDAY

Warm Up – 4 Rounds

100 Meter Row

10 Ball Slams

10 Ab Wheel

10 Second Samson Stretch

Strength – Clean & Jerk to Max, drop to 85% for 7×1

Conditioning – 7 Rounds

6 Push Jerk 135/95

6 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Bonus Abs 3xs

10 V Ups

15 Sit Ups

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”


CFSR WOD 12.01.2014

sept30 027


Warm Up – Running Drills 3 Rounds

50 Ft Knee Pull Samson

100 Ft Carioca

50 Ft Soldier Kick

Speed – 6 x 200 M Sprints

Conditioning – 13 min AMRAP


20 Double Unders

5 Front Squats 155/105

Bonus Abs – 50 Toes to Bar from Ground


“Everything you can imagine is real.”



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