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Wheat is murder

Mass medball cleans with the 6:30 class

Friday 9/3/10

5 rounds for time:
Run 800
30 Kb swings (70/53)
30 Pullups

14 sweet facts about sugar.

Great post on wheat. Long but well worth the read, lots of data. The china study, wheat, and heart disease.

As we all know Crossfit is a very effective program, but you cant get the full benefit of crossfit workouts without proper nutritino.  That being said, we are only with you for 1 hour out of the day. For that hour you dont really have a choice on what you are doing. We tell you the warm up tell you the WOD and you do it. After that you go home and we dont see you again for another 23 hours. During that 23 hours we  have no control on what you do, aka what you put in your mouth, sure we make suggestions and try to point you in the right direction but ultimately its up too you. Lets try to make some good decisions, have a sitdown and talk with us if you need some help.

Put this up a while ago but thought its good to repost every once in a while.


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