2411 Old Crow Canyon Road, Suite N, San Ramon CA 925-457-4587

Last day of torture dont worry….ropes, muscle ups, running??? Who knows……

Out of control PRs this month.Great work everybody!!!

Friday 2/3/12

To be announced upon arrival

Sweet video. Whats wrong with our food system

Info graphic. Carbs are killing you

Top 10 ways to get skinny fat

Yesterday was the first day to sign up for the crossfit open. If you are planning on doing it you can sign up here. Enter Crossfit San Ramon as your affilitate so your scores each week can help send Crossfit SR to regionals!!!

I created this years Tough Mudder team as well. I selected the Tahoe on instead of Patterson. Our start time is Sunday Sept. 23rd at 11am. If you want to sign up please contact me and I will give you the password to join the team! Are you tough enough/ able to walk uphill all day?!?!

Dont really want to put this up but I know a lot of you watch biggest loser…

Chuck Norris is not a cherry picker

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