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Go see the movie!

Its ok if your the Robin of your team….

Friday 7/20/12
Spend 15 min working on muscle up technique
“The dynamic duo”
In teams of 2:
400m relay
50 Deadlifts (225/155)
400m relay
40 Handstand pushups
400m relay
30 Squat snatch (95/65)
400m relay
20 Man makers (55/35)
400m relay
10 Muscle ups

Coaches corner: Spend the ENTIRE 15 min working on your muscle ups. For the partner WOD the reps can be broken down anyway you want but the runs are done relay style, 1 partner runs while the other rests then switch

Lefties unite! 18 worst things for lefties 

Common pesticides affects developing brain

30 rules to lift like a girl

Just an FYI. I will be taking a couple MUCH needed days off so you may not see me during class. Joe will be filling in for me all day Friday and Nik will take a couple days as well. Please feel free to ask them what a thruster is many many times 

The time is here!

Like I said, its ok to be the Robin of your team…


Notice she rotates her body over the rings instead of trying to dive through the rings


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