2411 Old Crow Canyon Road, Suite N, San Ramon CA 925-457-4587

Growing up is lame

Some of the crew from yesterdays party. Some people in this picture may not remember taking it…..

Tuesday 8/21/12
3@77.5 3@82.5 3@87.5 3@92.5
For time:
Run 400m
Squat clean (95/65)
Lateral box jump (24/20)
then Run 400m
*15 min time limit

Best ad for a boxing gym ever. If you only have time to look at 1 think on the website tonight make it this. 4 min long watch the whole thing. Some foul language warning

Look at this one too. Admit it, you know all of this to be true

Keeping good posture at work

I imagine that my car jumps over all the shadows in the road when I drive over them. Dont touch the lava is still the all time best game

Check out Wades newest production from yesterdays pool party 

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