2411 Old Crow Canyon Road, Suite N, San Ramon CA 925-457-4587


CrossFit San Ramon – CrossFit Skills


Warm up:

10 min alternating emom

-20 cal/15 cal row

-10 burpees over rower

Deadlift (7×3 110% of clean weight)

Halting deadlifts with pause

Pauses will be below the knee (2 seconds) and mid thigh (2 seconds)

– do not fully extended

– use clean grip (no mixed grip)

– think of this lift as a clean pull more then an actual deadlift

Front Squat (tempo squats 4×3 4 seconds down, 2 sec pause )

Start around 55-60% of 1 rep.

4 seconds on the way down, 2 second pause at the bottom, rise up AFAP

No bounce at the bottom of the squat.These should be very controlled, working on not depending on the momentum and bounce at the bottom.

Metcon (Time)


200M Sprint

3 Squat Cleans 85% of 1RM

*Shoot for sub 10*

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