2411 Old Crow Canyon Road, Suite N, San Ramon CA 925-457-4587



Q.   When did you join CrossFit San Ramon and why?
A.  February of 2015. Initially joined to build strength and live a healthier lifestyle.Being motivated by others in a team workout was also quite appealing along with the time and attention of professional coaches!

Q.   What positive changes have you felt, noticed, etc.?

A.  I noticed quickly that there is a way to get a good workout in without being at the gym for hours.  It hurts so good.  Crossfit has integrated a healthy workout and lifestyle into an over congested schedule that I’m sure lots of us deal with!  Another amazing positive – I introduced crossfit to my dad.  A year into it, he is healthier than he has ever been, looks amazing, and is happier.  The CrossfitSR team challenge throwdown will be a memory I never forget – competing with my dad in our first competition.  Crossfit brings people together and makes the world a better place!

Q.   What keeps you coming to CrossFit San Ramon?
A.  The amazing coaches, wonderful people, and great workouts.  Finding motivation by walking side by side other athletes in their walks, and allowing them to join in yours.  The accountability and fun we all share is something no gym provides.  Also, to feel how much the coaches care about you is priceless.

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