2411 Old Crow Canyon Road, Suite N, San Ramon CA 925-457-4587



Kris Huff

  1. When did you join CFSR and why?


I joined after receiving a groupon trial in September 2015 from my wife as she was either angry with me or wanted me to feel physical punishment or she was carrying from me and wanted me to become a healthier person. I have since found out it was the latter reason.


  1. What positive changes have you felt, noticed, etc.

The impact that Crossfit has made on my perception of health and my overall physical flexibility and strength has been eye opening. I had played sports and thought I was well rounded and had decent core strengths, but I soon found out that my strength was very inflexible and truly one dimensional from my “self-taught trainings” at the gym. Through the ever-changing work out of the day, I was given a new desire to really push my flexibility (which I found was almost non-existent) towards more complex strength movements. The most important factor in those changes has been CFSR’s staff that has been so knowledgeable and patient with my improvements.


  1. What keeps you coming to CFSR?


I was always hesitant to join a Crossfit as it can seem overwhelming and intense coming from the descriptions from other family members or friends that have been in the program, but from the start we were embraced by very normal, caring, strong, and patient coaches and members that has made going to CFSR a real blessing in my life. Though work, life, kids, and day to day craziness can invade… I am always so happy to get into the classes, get through the classes, and to push myself further and further towards strength and flexibility.

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