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CFSR 2.04.18

Struggling with Thrusters?  

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Not to worry because below are 5 tips on how to perform thrusters more efficiently so you can look forward to incorporating them in your workout!

  1. Stay Back. Stay back on the heels and keep the bar in close. The weight of the bar should be over your mid foot, not your toes. Think about sitting back and driving your chest up; this will help you keep the bar in a good position.

  2. Have A Good Rack.  The bar should be sitting high on your shoulders and, if mobility allows, hold onto the bar throughout the entire thruster.

  3. Punch The Bar Up! Be aggressive in your thruster. As you are driving up, punch the bar to the ceiling!

  4. Pull The Bar Down! Actively pull the bar down to your shoulders and let the weight of the bar take you down into your squat. Pulling the bar down will help you accelerate your thrusters as well as make them feel a little more weightless since you are allowing the bar to do more work.

  5. Breathe At The Top. Establish a good rhythm for breathing (don’t hold your breath) and breathe at the top.

The thruster is a staple in CrossFit, so if you plan on improving your CrossFit performance, call CrossFit San Ramon today!

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