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CFSR 2.06.18

We all know that the Crossfit Games Open is considered to be the World’s primary test of fitness within the community and CrossFit boxes around the world!

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To help you prepare, below are some helpful tips to become stronger and perform well in the CrossFit Open:

  • Increase Your 1 Rep Max (1RM) continually pursuing a higher 1RM will not only be beneficial on the leaderboard workout but it can make it far easier to perform Metcons (Metabolic Conditioning Workouts) RX’d; meaning an athlete performs all movements with the prescribed weight and reps.  Getting comfortable lifting heavier weight can improve a CrossFit athlete’s mental game. Only the strongest and most mentally tough athletes will prevail when faced with a heavy barbell during the middle of a deep, dark Metcon.
  • Reduce Off-Season Metcon Volume CrossFit competitors need to engage in specific strength-phases during the ‘off-season’ period. During this period the volume of conditioning and Metcon style workouts is reduced. Reducing Metcon volume in the off-season in favor of planned strength phases in combination with low intensity active recovery aerobic work will help a great deal.
  • Eat MORE food competitive Crossfit athletes must match their extremely high training loads with an appropriate caloric intake. If you’re not recovering from heavy training and getting progressively stronger in the Crossfit off-season, you need to stop the strict Paleo mindset and incorporate more carbohydrates and starches such as rice, potatoes and grains into your diet. Carbohydrates serve the purpose of providing glycogen to the various cells of the body which is used for energy production to support the central nervous system and muscular contractions.
  • Don’t Fear Body Fat Crossfit athletes who strive to stay super lean and shredded year round are shortchanging their strength potential; a malnourished body will view muscle tissue as an energy source which places performance at a disadvantage. Performance athletes and competitive Crossfitters need to view food as a pathway to increasing performance. Increasing calories to support heavy training will automatically put athletes in a state of balance where they can continue to increase strength and muscle size while still maintaining a relatively lean physique.

Want to learn more?

Call CrossFit San Ramon today and we can help you engage in a structured off-season strength based training program so you can reap the benefits and begin the climb to the top of the Crossfit Open ladder, and potentially, an invitation to the Crossfit Games!


February Reminders… 

Performance Enhancing Drugs, Sups & Nutrients (minus the drugs) is this Thursday, 2/8 at 6:30pm! Join expert Sarah Pate and learn how to maximize your performance, health and results.  $20 members & non-members.  Sign up on the bulletin board or on the Website.

Monday, February 12th 5-7:30pm – Member Appreciation Event.
Free Chair massages by Lito’s Touch n Go Mobile Massage, My Sisters Closet Boutique will be set up (Valentines day shopping anyone?) and food and drink for all. It’s also a free Guest day, so bring a friend!

InBody composition machine is here Tuesday, 2/20. $40 for one session or two for $70. Sign up on excel sheet (in the newsletter)

2018 CrossFit Open starts 2/22, get signed up! games.crossfit.com We need judges too!


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