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CFSR 2.15.18

 How to Kettlebell Snatch Like A Pro

A kettlebell snatch is a full body, power exercise that works the back, shoulders, quads and hamstrings.  It is primarily considered as a strength exercise.  You pull a kettlebell off the floor from a squat position, swing the weight up, then dip under it, and press it overhead.  The key is to perform the movement quickly and explosively. If done properly, this one exercise burns 20 calories per minute!

Watch this video to learn how to improve and perfect your kettlebell snatch:


February Reminders:

InBody composition machine is here Tuesday, 2/20. $40 for one session or two for $70. Sign up on excel sheet (in the newsletter)

2018 CrossFit Open starts Thursday, 2/22, get signed up! games.crossfit.com We need judges too!

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