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CFSR 2.23.18


Wall Balls are a staple of a CrossFit Workout. The movement of taking a weighted ball, performing a squat and then projecting the ball upward to a target on the wall is the pure example of core to extremity.

The Karen Workout of the Day (WOD) is a Benchmark Girl WOD used in CrossFit workouts to assess an athlete’s progress over time.

  • 150 Wallballs 

  • Men – 20 lbs to 10′ target and Women – 14 lbs to 9′ target

  • For Time

Check out the video below on how to do Wall Ball Shots to increase your strength and improve your performance in CrossFit WODS.


  • Begin with the feet shoulder width apart in the squat stance.

  • Hands holding the ball at the shoulders.

POINTS OF PERFORMANCE FOR WALL BALL SHOTS                               

  • Descend down into a full front squat with the crease of the hip below the knee.

  • Keeping the chest up drive through your heels, aggressively extending the hips and knees.

  • After aggressively opening the hip, throw the ball up to a target on the wall.

  • Receive the ball with the arms extended and cushion the force as you descend into the next rep.

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