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CFSR 3.05.18

Toes to Bar (Kipping)

Toes To Bar is a gymnastic movement which starts with hanging from the bar and involves kicking your legs up to touch the metal before bringing them back down again.  The valid repetitions consists of moving from a full hang (extended arms and hips) to touching the bar with both of your feet inside the hands. When kicking back, the feet must reach behind the bar per CrossFit Open Standards.

There are many benefits of core training that stems from properly executing a Toes to Bar such as increased core strength, enhanced spinal stability, rotational force production (sprinting, hitting, throwing), and it can even enhance overall strength in movements such as the deadlift, squat, and press.

Below is a how-to-video on how to properly execute a Toes to Bar:

Make sure to be aware of these 4 common mistakes before attempting a Toes to Bar:

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