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CFSR 3.06.18

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Have you always wondered about the lingo that CrossFitters use and have been completely confused about what they mean?  Have you looked at the board and wondered… what is an AMRAP or Ass to Grass?  If so, this blog is for you!

CrossFit has been the ultimate challenge for physical preparedness for many, but for others, the thought of CrossFit makes them want to puke.  Whether you’re a newbie or a regular, knowing the lingo for every WOD of the day will definitely help (and make you sound cool).  Below are a few to start with (in no particular order) but there are many more…

Box: a.k.a  “heaven” to CrossFitters.  Boxes have all the equipment necessary to perform the range of WODs to get you in shape.

AMRAP: As many reps or rounds as possible that is given a specific time period.  Times last 10, 20 or 30 minutes.  Athletes are challenged to complete as many rounds of a series of movements in an allotted time.

Ass to Grass – ATG (a.k.a. Ass to Ankles): a full-depth squat.

For Time: Want to know how you stack up with the rest of the CrossFit world?  Measure the time it takes for you complete a prescribed (Rx) workout!  This term pushes athletes to race against the clock and each other.

Score: Think you’re the best?  Think again!  The score means the total number of reps completed during a given workout.

Affiliate: A certified gym or owner of CrossFit gyms.

Rx’d: As prescribed – suggested parameters for a given exercise such as weight.

Beast: a term used to compliment a badass athlete 🙂

MetCon: metabolic conditioning.

PB: Your personal best.

PR: Personal record (a very proud moment).

DNF: an acronym for “did not finish”.

Rest Day: we all need it and it’s necessary for recovery.

What other CrossFit lingo can you think of?




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