2411 Old Crow Canyon Road, Suite N, San Ramon CA 925-457-4587

CFSR 11.17.18

Today marks the first day of many of our teams Weightlifting career as they compete in the Right of Passage competition. If your coming by to support our fellow members, please use a CrossFit San Ramon T-shirt.

We want to wish luck to the following athletes that will be competing today Saturday:

9am Session:

Ashleigh Maple

Lorraine Vegas

Kristen Wiese

11am Session:


Joshua Cunha

Edwin Johnson

SPS did an amazing job of doing the seminar to prepare us for the competition, but you can never be too prepared. Below is a link to a guide prepared by Juggernaut training systems.


What to Bring

This stuff is mostly pretty obvious, but I figured a checklist may be handy. Here are some of the most important things to make sure you have with you on game day:

1. Weightlifting Shoes

2. Singlet (hopefully a sweet one with a dragon on it or something)

3. The rest of your training gear. Knee sleeves/wraps, belt, tape. You may want to bring some chalk just in case.

4. A notebook to write down warm-ups

5. Your USA Weightlifting membership card. You’ll need this for your registration. You can bring it out, or just bring it in digital format on your smartphone.

6. Food, water, supplements (including Red Bull,) and anything else you like to use before a workout (such as nSAIDs.)

7. Layers of clothing to stay warm, and maybe even a pillow if you’d like to lie down and relax after you weigh-in.

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