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Bootcamps & CrossFit Prep

Monday Through Friday 10:30am  &  7:30pm

In BootCamp/CrossFit prep course you will learn all of the classic CrossFit movements, without heavy lifting. The conditioning portion is generally longer than the CrossFit program. Weights are light with no barbell work (other than some technique work with a light stick).  We will use Dumbbells and kettlebells. All loads and movements will be scaled to the individuals’ needs.

Up the intensity of your workout! Using metcon’s (metabolic conditioning workouts) including Hiit and Tabata style workouts as well as several other proven formats, we will help you find your inner athlete.

This program is designed for the person who wants the intensity of CrossFit without the heavy loads and with lower impact. It is the perfect fit for those who have wanted to try CrossFit but didn’t feel they were ready. You will improve your strength, endurance, movement skills and mobility.  You will be better prepared for any physical task.

If you are involved in a sport where weight is a detriment, this program will give you many of the benefits of our CrossFit Program without building as much muscle. We will get you strong and keep you light.

If you are on a CrossFit preparation track you will be gradually introduced to heavier loads and barbell work until you are ready to make the jump.

If you are a CrossFitter looking to do longer metcons and less weightlifting this class will be just the ticket.