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CFSR 7.3.18

Last class today is 5:30pm

Transformation Tuesday!

Transform your life into a healthy life by making it a lifestyle!

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4th of July Schedule Reminder: One class @9:30


CrossFit San Ramon – CrossFit

Skill Work

hang clean pvc pipe


shoulder press 3×8

BB bent over row 3×10

Lateral raise 3×10

Ring Push Up 2×15

Strict Pull Ups 2×15

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

6 min amrap

5 burpees

10 toes to bar

15 headcutters 53/35

2 min rest

10 sit ups

10 box jumps 24/20

10 Air Squats

Spotlight On – Anna

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1. How many years have you been doing Crossfit, and how many Opens have you participated in?

3 yrs, this is my first Open.

2. Why did you decide to do the Open this year?

I’ve avoided it for 2 years, mainly because I have so much to work on, technique-wise. I decided I may as well give this a try and see what the hype is all about!  I am only able to do the scaled exercises and they have proven to be extremely challenging for me, especially since it’s allergy season. I’m glad I finally signed up for the Open and am quite surprised that I’m ranking fairly respectable in my age category.

3. What’s your goal for the 2017 Open?

To finish each challenge and not pass out. So far, Goal Accomplished. I walked away alive each time.

CFSR 12.21.2016

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CFSR 9.14.2016

Congrats to Karen Smith taking 3rd at the Granite Games!



CFSR WOD 9.26.2014

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Warm Up – 3 Rounds

10 Squats 45/33

10 Good Mornings 45/33

10 Shoulder Press 45/33


Conditioning – DIANE


Deadlift 225/115

Hand Stand Push Ups

Bonus Work – Work on Snatch Technique

Bonus Abs – 30 Toes to Rope

“Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.”
― Lance Armstrong, Every Second Counts


mmmmmmmmm Bacon

Tuesday 10/19/10

Makenzie feeling the pain

Front Squat
for time:
Power Clean (135/95)
Toes to bar

Time to investigate the USDA guidelines.

Watch out for the banana bread

For those of you feeling some elbow tightness

Delicious home cured bacon. Thanks for the link Brian