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Joy L

  1. How long have you been a Crossfitter and why did you start?

I started CrossFit a year ago and I started CrossFit to burn fat and get in shape.

  1. Since you started, have you seen any positive changes in your mind, body, or health in general?

Yes, I feel like CrossFit is my daily physical and mental challenge. Anything else I may face that day I know that I can overcome. It gives me a warrior attitude!

  1. What is your favorite part of CrossFit San Ramon?

Not only is my body getting into the best shape ever, my mind is as equally balanced!


Tip of the Day: Include a vegetable or fruit you’ve never tried before in one of your meals today

CFSR 11.9.2016

Who’s ready for the Holiday Fit Challenge?

Free, Fun & Prizes!!

We want to make sure you stay active this holiday season – so we’ve designed a fit test to be done on

November 14th, re-tested on December 18th,

and provided daily mini sessions you can do anywhere.  So you’re flying all over, driving place to place, can’t make it to CFSR, friends house, family dinner…doesn’t matter–you can do this ANYWHERE!

Fitness Test – time yourself doing the following:  

50 Air Squats, 40 Sit Ups, 30 Burpees

Submit your starting score HERE
Every EVEN day (ex Nov 16, 18, 20, etc) do 20 Burpees 20 Sit Ups
Every ODD day do 30 Air Squats and a max plank hold
Submit your re-test time on the same link by December 19th.
Every member that completes the challenge will have their name entered into a drawing for a prize.
But let’s be honest, your health and feeling amazing during the holiday season is the greatest prize!

CFSR Spotlight on – MAOR

Maor Burshtain

  1. When did you join CFSR & why?

I started doing CF on Jan 2012 after a friend told me that I must give it a try.

First class wasn’t easy; I remember feeling like throwing up after the first WoD. Nevertheless I decided I need a change and get back in shape. As they say, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. Since 2012, I was pretty consistent joining classes at least 4 times a week.


  1. What positive changes have you felt, noticed, etc.

As we age, the list of the physical activities we do shrinks, while the list of excuses grows. Today, I am in better physical shape than I ever was before. I lost weight and I’m getting stronger and better every year.

Before I was enrolled in a traditional gym and had no motivation to go. CrossFit makes you actually want to work out. It’s much more interesting and challenging and you get as tough mentally as you do physically.

  1. What keeps you coming to CFSR?

Well, at this point I’m kind of addicted to CF, if I don’t go I feel bad. When I go, I get uptick in my energy levels.

CrossFit isn’t just exercising, it is also the community and CFSR have great athletes of all ages. Community is part of the reason why I’m coming back for more…

Spotlight on Aroon!


Aroon is always in motion!  This picture was taken a day after he welcomed his baby girl into this world!

Q.  How long have you been a Crossfitter and why did you start?

A.  I started 5 years ago at Crossfitsr, then thought about trying something else out but saw failures and decided to come back.  Been here more than a year now.  Crossfit isn’t just physical but mental too.  Keep me on my toes and helps me make sound decisions

Q.  Since you started, have you seen any positive changes in your mind, body or health in general?

A.  Yes, Crossfit is mental and physical.  Helps me make sound and positive decisions!

Q.  What is your favorite part of Crossfit San Ramon?

A.  Working out with my peer crossfit athletes.  The idea of competing against times pumps me up.  I love CrossFit SR too!



Spotlight On – MURAT

Q.  When did you start CFSR & Why?

A.  I started CFSR about 2 1/2 years ago.  I am 43 years old and have 2 daughters 10 & 12, that is hwy I started Xfit.  I want to make sure I am healthy and strong in case they have a boyfriend….

Q.  What positive changes have you felt, noticed, etc?

A.  I feel the strongest I felt in my entire life.  I played soccer my whole life but never felt this way.

Q.  What keeps you coming to CFSR?

A.  Coaches and the other Athletes.  It is a wonderful community!