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CFSR 2.14.18

CrossFit: Why It’s Worth Trying

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Below are 5 reasons why CrossFit is worth a try if you’re looking for a fitness journey that can make positive changes in your life.

  1. It’s a challenge: CrossFit can provide a challenge both mentally and physically.  Some say that if you are not progressing then you’re regressing and embracing a challenge leads to progress.

  2. You will definitely see results: if you commit to CrossFit, you will see results in your agility, strength, endurance and overall health.  It will also encourage you to eat nutritious food to fuel your body so you can improve your performance and generate better results.

  3. It creates empowerment: CrossFit makes you feel empowered when you complete workouts you never thought would be possible.  It gives you a sense of ownership, control and contributes to the mindset that you are a total boss.

  4. It’s a culture and a community: CrossFit individuals experiencing real challenges and providing endless support for one another quickly become a family, NOT just a class. Most gyms participate in group activities like The Open or local competitions, and many encourage members to give back to the local community outside their own walls.

  5. It’s workout with a purpose: CrossFit doesn’t only specialize in one area of your body.  It is an overall fitness experience that is fun and aims to improve quality of living by making everyday movements part of programming.

Curious to try CrossFit?

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February Reminders:

InBody composition machine is here Tuesday, 2/20. $40 for one session or two for $70. Sign up on excel sheet (in the newsletter)

2018 CrossFit Open starts Thursday, 2/22, get signed up! games.crossfit.com We need judges too!



6.26.2017 bootcamp

CrossFit San Ramon – BootCamp/Crossfit Prep

Skill Work

hang Cleans PVC Drills


lower body warm up


sumo deadlift 3×8 4 count eccentric

DB Box Step Ups 3×6 each leg

med ball hamstring curls

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

4 rounds

40 seconds on 20 seconds rest

1. Wall Balls

2. Goblet Squat

3. Row for Cal

Run 200 M

Rest 1 minute

Double Undersssssssssssssssssssssss

Thursday 10/7/10

Practice what you preach

5 rounds:
Max reps dead hang pullups
Tabata jumping pullups
Tabata double unders
Tabata air squats

Tap into that unknown strength waiting to be unleashed.

Great video. Thanks for letting me steal it Erica.

Lots of PRs on the double unders your all starting to get the hang of those pesky things. A BIG congrats to Brian B and Dan S who after lots of trials and tribulations tears and tuck jumps got there first ever double unders today. Great job guys im very proud.

“Isabel-Off” with Josh Everett and Dave Lipson at the CrossFit/USAW Weightlifting Open – video [wmv] [mov]

Jack Cotter 30 Muscle-ups in 2:27 – video [wmv] [mov]

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Crossfit in the news

Friday 7/9/10

Michelle and Jaymie figure out the best recovery spot after a WOD on a hot day.

for time:
50 Kb Snatch (53/36) Right arm
50 Kb Swings (53/36)
50 Kb Snatch (53/36) Left arm
50 Kb Swings (53/36)

Coaches corner: At the top of each min perform 4 burpees until all the 200 total reps are completed. Ideally use the same kettlebell for both the swings and the snatches.

Crossfit and baseball, my 2 favorite sports. Yes I would classify crossfit as a sport.

Thanks Wade T. for the link. Study says breast cancer risk lowered by fish oil.