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CFSR 3.02.18

Funny Meme Friday

Maybe your obsession with CrossFit is just beginning or maybe it has already consumed your life! Either way, you’re going to love these fall off your seat hilarious memes that will totally ring true if burpees, box jumps, WODs, and squats have slowly become part of your daily life.

Below are funny memes only CrossFitters will understand to get your weekend started.

If you’re a CrossFitter, chances are you are constantly thinking about it, talking about it, or doing it.

Hilarious Memes

When CrossFitters actually take a rest day… they have to make sure they are still completely in charge:

Hilarious Memes

The way CrossFitters look the day after squats:

Hilarious Memes

After leg day…

Hilarious Memes

Now go out there because you can do it!

Hilarious Memes

Your heart must go on… for CrossFit!

Hilarious Memes

CFSR 2.26.18

Motivation Monday

why crossfit

Stay motivated and don’t forget why you started!

Curious to learn more? Contact CrossFit San Ramon today.

CFSR 2.02.18



If you love running, chances are you may love CrossFit too!

Keep reading to learn why you should head to CrossFit San Ramon and skip today’s run…


Why CrossFit Is A Good Complement to Running

  • CrossFit is all about learning the basic exercises, body resistance, weight lifting, aerobics, gymnastics, and high intensity moves.

  • CrossFit exercises involve your whole body rather than isolated muscle groups that strengthens your muscles from head to toe making you a better runner.

  • Since CrossFit combines strength training, power lifting and gymnastics training, it benefits your fast-twitch muscles for sprinting and slow-twitch muscles used for long distance runs.

  • CrossFit helps decrease your overall body fat, increase endurance and speed and help you maintain  a proper form during runs therefore avoiding injuries.

CrossFit San Ramon offers Running Technique Cinics and Individual Technique Analysis and Coaching

To learn more on how CrossFit can benefit your running, call CrossFit San Ramon today to schedule your first consultation: (925) 457-4587!


Don’t forget, the Lodi HAZING Competition is this Saturday, 2/3/18.

Join Coach Tim and Lori in cheering on Bon and Ryane!

CFSR 2.01.18


Posture & Movement Patterns: Why They’re Important

In Fitness, performance, mobility, and exercise technique is very important.  But what we often forget is how we move the rest of the day.  Our daily movements and posture outside of the gym affects how we move and perform in the gym.  No matter how active or aware we are of our technique, there are always going to be imbalances and variations.  Our goal at CrossFit San Ramon is to provide you with an effective and intelligent training program to uncover and seek out those imbalances and fix them.

Find out what you can do to figure out imbalances in your movement patterns, develop your posture and work towards improving your performance and overall health by joining CrossFit San Ramon today!

CFSR 1.31.18


Saturday, February 3, 2018

8 AM – 5 PM

First Workout Begins at 9AM

Join Coaches Tim & Lori in cheering on Bon & Ryane!

Click on the link below to register for the event: 



CFSR 1.29.18

Burpees: The Exercise We Love to Hate


The best way to burn fat and make the most out of this dynamic motion is to do your burpees properly.

Burpees are the most effective and challenging exercises out there hence why we just love to hate them.

If done correctly, burpees can train every muscle in your body including core, chest and legs.

But to get the most from every rep, you need to know how to do a burpee with perfect form.

Join CrossFit San Ramon today and we can teach you how to properly execute a picture-perfect burpee and help you quickly improve your conditioning with nothing more than your body weight!

…and don’t forget to wish Coach Tim a Happy Birthday!!!


CFSR 12.28.2017

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