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CFSR 8.10.2018

Friday is here at last,

Look back on this week, did you achieve your goals?

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CFSR 7.28.2018

Happy Saturday Everyone!!

Weekends aren’t always the funnest workouts, but they build muscle the same as any other day.

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CFSR 7.23.2018

Yes, Mondays are mandatory…

Lets set some goals and get ready for this week!

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CFSR 7.19.2018

Running to the weekend like!

When you are digging deep, feeling like you cant push through, just remember Forrest Gump ran for 3 years. You Can Do It!

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CFSR 7.16.2018

Motivational Monday!

Important to start your week of right, the rest will follow! There are plenty of excuses to not put the work in, but always that one reason to get it done!

CFSR 7.12.18

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The goals you have set for yourself will pay off along with your hard work! Let our coaches help you guide you to your success!

CFSR 7.11.18

Happy Hump Day!

Hang in there, we are half way to the weekend! So lets keep on going and kick Wednesday’s butt together!

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