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CFSR 9.25.2016




Spotlight On – CHRISTINE DO!

Q.  When did you join CFSR & why?

A.  I originally was at Drive, and then came to CFSR.  I decided to join Crossfit because I needed to gain strength.  I was diagnosed with psoratic disease which degrades your muscles and bones.  Crossfit really helps.  Plus my husband, Quoc, kept bugging me to join.  It’s hard to keep telling a sales guy No

Q.  What positive changes have you felt, noticed, etc?

A.  I have lost fat, gained muscle and increased flexibility.

Q.  What keeps you coming to CFSR?

A.  I love how my body feels.  I have less pain, and am much more flexible.  But most of all I LOVE THE PEOPLE!

CFSR 9.22.2016



CFSR 9.21.2016

Happy Hump Day!


CFSR 9.20.2016

Making it fun!  Teamwork, fitness, results, community, Good times!



Spotlight On – Sue W!

Q.  How long have you been a crossfitter and why did you start?

A.  5 or 6 years

Q.  Since you started, have you seen any positive change sin your mind, body or health in general?

A.  Absolutely!  I am definitely stronger and just feel great.  When I get out of routine  and miss a week or two I feel terrible and always feel better when I get back to it!

Q.  What is your favorite part of CFSR?

A.  The coaches and the community.  I will always feel comfortable here!

CFSR 9.19.2016

Community – teamwork – sweat – a job well done!

Monday – back at it!  We are re-testing WODS from June 27-July 3rd.  Let’s see some PRs!