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CFSR 5.16.18

Happy Hump Day!

You made it halfway through the week, make sure to finish on a strong note!

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Today is Bring a Guest day! It’s a great opportunity to change up your routine. You never know, your friend might fall in love with CrossFit and you’ll change their life!

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If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the schedule on our website, you might find something different you want to try!

CFSR 04.10.2018

“Friends who workout together, stay together”

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It’s Guest Day Tuesday’s !!! Be my guest, bring in your guest. Workout together, and get your workout in !!!

CFSR 2.26.18

Motivation Monday

why crossfit

Stay motivated and don’t forget why you started!

Curious to learn more? Contact CrossFit San Ramon today.

CFSR 2.22.18


Where grassroots meets greatness: Compete with hundreds of thousands of athletes in five workouts over five weeks. Do it for fun, your affiliate family, fitness or to reach Regionals and fight for a chance to make it to the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin.

Individuals around the world are preparing for a celebration of community and a test of fitness. It’s an opportunity to set goals, make a commitment and suffer through the process of progress in the company of many friends.

From Fittest on Earth to first-timer, we all start together. What are you waiting for?

 Get signed up!

We need judges too!


Are you curious to learn how the Open started?

Check out this video:


CFSR 2.11.18

Member Appreciation Day

Monday, February 12th

5PM – 7:30PM

This day is all about us getting to celebrate you, our members, for all that you do to make CrossFit San Ramon such a great place to be. We’re so thankful that you choose to be a part of this community. For a better you. For a better us.

We hope you’ll come and enjoy all (or some) of what we have planned including FREE chair massages by Lito’s Touch n’ Go Mobile Massage, FREE food and drinks and My Sisters Closet Boutique who will be on-site for all your Valentine’s Day shopping needs.

Don’t forget, this day is also a FREE Guest Day so bring a family or friend to the celebration!

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February Reminders:

InBody composition machine is here Tuesday, 2/20. $40 for one session or two for $70. Sign up on excel sheet (in the newsletter)

2018 CrossFit Open starts Thursday, 2/22, get signed up! games.crossfit.com We need judges too!




CFSR 2.09.18

The Benefits of the Clean and Jerk

The clean and jerk is an advanced Olympic lift and one of the most effective and all-inclusive strength and performance exercises that utilize practically every muscle in the human body.  The exercise doesn’t just measure a person’s strength, it requires extreme amounts of speed, power, explosiveness, flexibility, mobility and agility.  Keep scrolling to find out the undeniable benefits of the clean and jerk and learn how to properly execute this highly technical lift.

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  • Always use a weight that you can comfortably lift and control.

  • Ensure that you maintain concentration throughout the exercise.

  • Maintain strict form throughout the exercise for maximum muscle recruitment and minimal potential of injury.

February Reminders:

Monday, February 12th 5-7:30pm – Member Appreciation Event. Free Chair massages by Lito’s Touch n Go Mobile Massage, My Sisters Closet Boutique will be set up (Valentines day shopping anyone?) and food and drink for all. It’s also a free Guest day, so bring a friend!

InBody composition machine is here Tuesday, 2/20. $40 for one session or two for $70. Sign up on excel sheet (in the newsletter)

2018 CrossFit Open starts Thursday, 2/22, get signed up! games.crossfit.com We need judges too!


CFSR 2.03.18

Why You Should Incorporate Rowing In Your Workout

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Rowing has become popular lately with fitness enthusiasts because they are all discovering how simple, effective and amazing this workout can be. 

Rowing has some unique advantages over other forms of aerobic training that are often overlooked.

Some benefits of rowing are more muscle mass, greater range of motion, and efficiency.

The advantage of rowing is that more muscle mass is used doing the activity than while running, walking or biking. Your legs, glutes, abdominals, back, shoulders, and arms are all being worked. The actual amount of work being done, and the amount of power being generated, relates to how hard you push yourself. 

Unlike many forms of aerobic activity, rowing puts all your major body parts through a large range of movements.  In every stroke, rowing requires full compression and full extension of the arms and legs. 

Did you know…

-Rowing burns major calories and uses 86% of the muscles in your body?

-30 minutes of rowing can have the same physical impact as 90 minutes of cycling?

Ready to get rowing?   

Join CrossFit San Ramon today!