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CFSR 1.22.18

Deadlift 101: A Truly Romantic Lift

If properly executed, the deadlift can help you have less fragile joints, build a stronger posterior chain and a body that can handle anything that life throws your way.

Deadlifting is not dangerous – although it can be one of the many intimidating exercises out there.  But like many of the exercise movements, it can be easy to get wrong and can injure you if you start to develop bad habits.

CrossFit San Ramon can help you learn the correct techniques and get you on the right track to developing good habits!

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CFSR 4.20.17

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Great early morning session with coach Ed!!

CFSR 4.10.2017

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Wes is loving the 2017 CrossFit Open!

‘You don’t get the as$ you want by sitting on it….”

Here’s an amazing AIP recipe to help curb your cravings!  Thanks PALEOMOM.com !




CFSR 4.7.2017

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CFSR 4.3.2017

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Spotlight On – Anna

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1. How many years have you been doing Crossfit, and how many Opens have you participated in?

3 yrs, this is my first Open.

2. Why did you decide to do the Open this year?

I’ve avoided it for 2 years, mainly because I have so much to work on, technique-wise. I decided I may as well give this a try and see what the hype is all about!  I am only able to do the scaled exercises and they have proven to be extremely challenging for me, especially since it’s allergy season. I’m glad I finally signed up for the Open and am quite surprised that I’m ranking fairly respectable in my age category.

3. What’s your goal for the 2017 Open?

To finish each challenge and not pass out. So far, Goal Accomplished. I walked away alive each time.

CFSR 1.9.2017

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Don’t forget tomorrow is Guest Day! All Day!