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WOD 7/25/16

Cashew Cheese and Pomegranate Filled Acorn Squash

Cashew Cheese and Pomegranate Filled Acorn Squash

WOD 5.16.16 CFSR

BBrazil Shopping Event – May 24th

Crossfit4Capes – June 12th



Grilled Romaine Hearts with Bacon & Celery Salt Ranch

More on Mcnastys

Wednesday 10/6/10

The return of the imfamous knee pads

As many rounds possible in 20 min:
5 Handstand pushups
7 Dumbell snatch right arm (55/35)
5 Ring Dips
7 Dumbell snatch left arm (55/35)

Dieters need a good nights sleep to fight fat

 This is where chicken nuggest come from.  Hopefully none of you guys eat that crap but check this out anyways. ITS A MUST SEE!!!!!

Not only are mcnuggets made of the nastyness in the picture they also make you go crazy.

 Dont forget that the Primos run is this Sunday dont forget to sign up and represent Crossfit SR and your local schools.


Dont run realllllly far.

Saturday 9/18/10

Brian showing barbell Turkish getups whos boss. Damn those Turks!

Thrusters (95/65)
Ring dips

Can exercise make kids smarter?

Raw foor raid highlights hunger.

Ultra endurance may not be good for heart.

This may have come in hand on yesterdays post but still worth keeping in mind for the nex rowing WOD. Great video takes notes.

There are some cool things coming up in October that a bunch of us from Crossfit SR are doing. Here are the links if you want to join in on the fun.

The Warrior Dash. As far as I know Brian C, Wade T(2011 masters champ), Glen, and myself are all signed up. Looks like a lot of fun. Its October 30th in Hollister

The Primos run is Sunday Oct. 10th in San Ramon. If you sign up dont forget to put down Los Cerros down as your school. If you do Sarah will make any of her DELICIOUS paleo goodies for you.

Cal Strength open will be Sunday Oct 3rd. Its an OLY lifting comp and its right down the street at California Strength.



Eat veggies. Dont get diabetes

Wednesday 8/25/10

The 9:30 crew enjoying the first nice day of summer. A couple crossfit staples sweat, smiles, and someone shirtless

for time:
30 Box jumps (30/24)
45 Shoulder to overhead (135/95)
30 Box jumps
45 Ring dips
30 Box jumps

Green leafy vegetables can cut risk of diabetes.

WOD Demo with James Hobart, Heather Bergeron, Stacy Kroon and Chris Gosler by CrossFit Again Faster – video [wmv] [mov]

The barefoot running trend.

What are your doing today? Oh just some arms and bench

Thursday 5/17/10

William and Victoria arguably the best athletes in the gym. Ask them to knock out some pullups next time you see them

4 rounds for time:
21 Sumo deadlift highpull (95/65)
15 Ring dips
9 Burpee box jumps (24/20)

I can leg press more than you. This doesn’t apply to you guys, but it may have in your pre crossfit life.

Taylor informed me today that it is his 1 year CrossFit birthday, happy birthday. This got me thinking. I want you to think back to a year ago today, most of you were not doing crossfit or have never ever heard of it. Did you enjoy working out? Did you look forward to your workout the day before? Did you even workout? The answer to most of these is probably no. No think about present day, whats the answer? Im guessing yes to all of them. Its awesome to see the progress within a year, I’m not just talking about your Fran time but progression in lifestyle, health, diet, and friendships. Hopefully all of you guys stick with it long enough to reach you 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th…………..

This gives me some good WOD ideas. Probably my new favorite TV show. Cool sleevless shirt/tie combo dude…….

I think I should just retire and give up website duties to Wade L, I have a feeling he would do a much better job then me. Here is another good link he found. This would have been really handy in anatomy class.

Dont drink that.

Wednesday 5/26/10

Carola and Phil lunge so fast that the camera can barely capture them.

Weighted pullup
4 rounds for time:
Run 400
21 KB swings (70/53)
12 Ring Dips

More police, fire recruits flunk fitness test

Great article on common drinks and there sugar content. The pictures really push the message. Harmful drinks in america.

Since it seems that the end of june works best for everyone the BBQ will be on Saturday June 26th at 2:00pm. Put it on your calendar.

Awesome job today by you guys lots of PRs on the deadlift! Also great job to Gary who on his first day PRs on the deadlift and gets 2 muscle ups in a row on his first every attempt.