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WOD 7/25/16

Cashew Cheese and Pomegranate Filled Acorn Squash

Cashew Cheese and Pomegranate Filled Acorn Squash

WOD 5.16.16 CFSR

BBrazil Shopping Event – May 24th

Crossfit4Capes – June 12th



Grilled Romaine Hearts with Bacon & Celery Salt Ranch

CFSR WOD 4.30.2014

Crossfit Games Tickets go on sale TODAY at 10am!

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Conditioning- Max Out Each of the Following:

Strict Pull Ups

Strict Dips

Strict Push Ups

Toes To Bar

Handstand Push Ups

Unbroken Kettle Bell Swings 53/35

500 Meter Row

Muscle Up or Kipping Pull Ups

Weighted Plank 45/25

Hill Mile

*No more than 3 attempts per station*

Most of our obstacles would melt away if, instead of cowering before them, we should make up our minds to walk boldly through them – Orison Sweet Marden

Mobility WOD 319



CFSR WOD 11.15.2013

Wiedemann Ranch Beef, grass fed and organic!  Hurry and select what you want,  Friday evening (tonight) is the cut off!  Click on the link below!
Warm Up:
Foam Roll
1 Power Clean + 1 Full Clean @ 80% of your  1RM Power Clean
In teams of 2
Power Elizabeth
21 – 15 – 9
Power Clean
Ring Dips
 Full Elizabeth
21 -15 -9
Full Cleans
Ring Dips
21-15-9 + 21-15-9    Reps Can be divided any way

“My Life is My Message”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Mobility WOD 151

The holy grail of hip mobility for the high glute/internal rotation.


Is a paleo treat really paleo?


Friday 10/1/10

Naomi goes Sarah Connor in T2 on those overhead squats

Ring Dip
for time:
Row 1000m
75 Double unders
50 Kb swings (53/35)

5 steps to kill hidden bugs in your gut that make you sick

Diets high in fructose are raising BP in men

Liesbet set up a metup group for her XceL boot camp. On Saturday Oct 9th at 7pm they will be watching Fire on the Track: The Pre story at the gym. Its to get the motivation up for the Primos run which is the next day. Everyone is invited please com is you want to hang and watch a good movie.

Kind of sad that we have to trick people to eat veggies but if its working then I guess stick with it.

Carrots flying out of vending machines in Ohio

What is crossfit?……….Oh so its like circuit training and P90X

Saturday 7/24/10

Hanging out on the pullup bars with some rowdy firefighters

5 sets
Max reps dead hang pullups
Handstand Pushups
Ring Dips

J.T. (Annie) [wmv][mov]

You can call me the youtube master. Do you know anybody like the first guy in the video?

What is crossfit? Good question, ask 100 crossfitters what is crossfit and you will get 100 different answers. I have to answer that question almost everyday and I have still not found a solid answer to give people. How do you explain crossfit to people when they ask you “what is crossfit and why the hell do you keep talking about it all day?”

Low cholesterol levels associated with depression and other mental health issues.



The games are coming.

Thursday 7/8/10

Speed demon Jerry shows his strong side during Nutts

5 sets max reps dips
1000m row for time
3 rounds
1 min max reps box jump (24/20)
Rest 30 seconds

Coaches corner: Take adequate breaks in between the dips to ensure each set is max effort. You can choose to do the row either after the dips or after the box jump mini metcon. Try not to deviate past 3 box jumps on each round.

The guys from Again Faster make another sweet video.

UPDATE: As most of you know a bunch of us are going to the crossfit games next weekend. Both Travis and I are going sooooo we wont be at class. You may have noticed a new face wondering around the gym lately. His name is Casey and has been helping us out with some stuff around the gym. Hes an exercise science major at East Bay and he will be subbing for us so you guys can get your WODs in. Please try to make him feel welcome and play nice. Dont worry morning crew, I will still teach the 5:30 6:30am class before I leave.

Next Monday and Tuesday the crossfit firefighter olympics will be held at Crossfit Santa Clara. Resident firebreathersw Brian C and Wade T(good looking Wade) will both be competing, if you are not going then be sure to wish them luck. Im confident they will both do great and represent us well.

Dont forget the BBQ this sat at 4. I know Taylor was very upset, but there will be no workout at the BBQ. So wear normal clothes. It should be a good time.