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CFSR 8.12.2017

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“I do not see it as a challenge, I see it as a future accomplishment”

Light tuesdays

Joe needs a tan

Wednesday 5/18/11
As many rounds possible in 20 min of:
1 Rope climb
2 Wall climbs
3 Dumbbell squat clean thrusters (55/35)
4 Deadlifts (275/185)

Coaches corner: If you have not done rope climbs and plan on climbing the rope please wear long socks or something on your shins unless you want rope burn.

Bitter sweet: An inconvenient truth

What “everyone knows” may be changing

10 reasons why fructose is bad

Mitch, age 15, recently became the youngest member of the muscle up club. I wasnt there to catch it on film so since today was a light tuesday he did an easy one for me. Watch out for Mitch on a soccer field near you, pound for pound on of the most bad ass guys at the gym

In the slim chance you have an hour to kill and want to learn about the origins of the western diet give this a watch