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CFSR 9.28.2016

Tom H. Killing it at the LaLanne summer throwdown!  Nice work, Tom!



CFSR 9.25.2016




Spotlight On – CHRISTINE DO!

Q.  When did you join CFSR & why?

A.  I originally was at Drive, and then came to CFSR.  I decided to join Crossfit because I needed to gain strength.  I was diagnosed with psoratic disease which degrades your muscles and bones.  Crossfit really helps.  Plus my husband, Quoc, kept bugging me to join.  It’s hard to keep telling a sales guy No

Q.  What positive changes have you felt, noticed, etc?

A.  I have lost fat, gained muscle and increased flexibility.

Q.  What keeps you coming to CFSR?

A.  I love how my body feels.  I have less pain, and am much more flexible.  But most of all I LOVE THE PEOPLE!

CFSR 9.21.2016

Happy Hump Day!


CFSR 9.19.2016

Community – teamwork – sweat – a job well done!

Monday – back at it!  We are re-testing WODS from June 27-July 3rd.  Let’s see some PRs!


CFSR Sunday 9.18.2016



Grilled Chicken with Avocado Mango Salsa


Spotlight on Aroon!


Aroon is always in motion!  This picture was taken a day after he welcomed his baby girl into this world!

Q.  How long have you been a Crossfitter and why did you start?

A.  I started 5 years ago at Crossfitsr, then thought about trying something else out but saw failures and decided to come back.  Been here more than a year now.  Crossfit isn’t just physical but mental too.  Keep me on my toes and helps me make sound decisions

Q.  Since you started, have you seen any positive changes in your mind, body or health in general?

A.  Yes, Crossfit is mental and physical.  Helps me make sound and positive decisions!

Q.  What is your favorite part of Crossfit San Ramon?

A.  Working out with my peer crossfit athletes.  The idea of competing against times pumps me up.  I love CrossFit SR too!