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CFSR 4.21.17

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“If it doesn’t challenge you, it wont change you.” – loaalpha.com

WOD 7/25/16

Cashew Cheese and Pomegranate Filled Acorn Squash

Cashew Cheese and Pomegranate Filled Acorn Squash

WOD 5.16.16 CFSR

BBrazil Shopping Event – May 24th

Crossfit4Capes – June 12th



Grilled Romaine Hearts with Bacon & Celery Salt Ranch

Double dream hands

Proof the Dre tried to sabotage one of our newest members Cali during partner tow races. Welcome to the 10:30 crew!!

Friday 12/17/10
4 rounds for time:
50 ft. overhead walking lunges (45/25)
30 Wallball shots (20/14)
50 ft. overhead walking lunges (45/25)
15 Ring dips

Weekly strength training provides long term cognitive and economic effects

Obama signs child nutrition bill

Lets hope they make the 20 min count. CA public schools must comply with physical education law

This has absolutely nothing to do with crossfit, nutrition or anything we do here but when life gets you down all you have to think is…..double dream hands!!!

For those of you who are on beyond the white board today is the last day to do the 2 min box jump video challenge. If you want me to tape it and upload it let me know.

Butchers lab?!?!

Saturday 10/15/10

Insert caption here.....

Clean and jerk
Max rounds in 10 min of:
14 Jump lunges
7 Knees to elbowsw
*Before starting on the lunges and knees to elbows run to the top mark about 3/4 up the hill (1000m)

A put all of these books on your reading list.

In obese rodents exercise increased sensitivity for hormones that restrain appetite

How to eat your way to diabetes

Crossfit endurance has put up a link to the Butchers lab endurance challenge a couple of times and it looks rough. Its 10 min on 50 min off for 24 hours. In that 10 min you cover max distance in either running rowing or cycling. Given my taste for doing crazy stuff im thinking about doing this, anyone else out there game for giving it a shoot?

Bad ass ladies.

Great post on the crossfit journal about the worst WOD ever. What is your worst WOD ever?

Congrats Dre and Ben!!!

Sunday 9/3/10

Big congrats to Dre whos getting married tomorrow. Dont forget to do burpees in your dress....

Rest day/ mobility WOD

Have a great weekend

10 reasons to avoid genetically modified foods.

Genetically modified soy linked to sterility, infant mortality


Downtown dreamer

Tuesday 9/21/10

Taylors preferred method of climbing rope.

5 rounds for time:
21 Sumodeadlift highpull (95/65)
21Wallball shots (20/14)

FDA says data on GM Salmon is unsatisfactory.

‘Corn sugar’ makers hope you’ll buy the new name

For all you parkour fans.

Check out this cool new blog by former San Ramon crossfitter Nikki Sulon. It features some of her yummy vegetarian creations, yummy and vegetarian dont belong in the same sentience. If that doesnt interest you then check it out to see a rare picture of me drinking an adult beverage.