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WOD 7/25/16

Cashew Cheese and Pomegranate Filled Acorn Squash

Cashew Cheese and Pomegranate Filled Acorn Squash

CFSR WOD 06.23.2013

Post summer solstice competition party dodgeball!!!!

Post summer solstice competition party dodgeball!!!!

Congratulations to all of the CFSR members Competing yesterday. You were all AWESOME!!!

Sunday 6-23-2010

3 Rounds

Run 800m

20 Back Extention or Good Morning with 45/33

20 Burpees

20 Knees to Elbows

Mobility WOD 12

Improving the squat: Hip flexion and external rotation.

What “Free Range”/”Cage Free” Chickens Really Look Like

Mexican Potato Salad

RECIPE OF THE DAY: Mexican Potato Salad

CFSR WOD 2.13.2013


Wednesday 2-13-13

5×5 Weighted Pull Up
5×5 Weighted Dip
In teams of 2
AMRAP 20min
10 Thrusters (115/75)
10 Knees 2 Elbows
50 Double Unders

“The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart.”

Red and Pink SuperFoods in Honor of Valentines Day

RECIPE OF THE DAY: Pad Thai with Chicken

Mindful Eating,  A Life Long Process

Future champ

Future crossfit games champion

Wednesday 9/8/10

Max rounds in 3 min:
3 Hang power cleans (155/105)
6 Pistols (3 each leg)
9 Knees to elbows

Rest 1 min. complete for 5 cycles.

More quality stuff from Kelly Starrett

Fructose accelerates the progression of chronic kidney disease

“suck it up or suck it in”

Thursday 8/19/10

Mario is so good he can do levitation magic tricks mid workout!!

for time:
Run 800
21 Deadlifts (225/155)
42 Knees to elbows
Run 800
15 deadlifts
30 Knees to elbows
Run 800
9 Deadlifts
18 Knees to elbows

Modern “fitness”

CCFC urges supermarkets to shelve grocery shelf TV ads

I dont know about you but I think I would rather smoke then have any of the side effects. Literally half of the commercial is warnings on the side effects. This is not a joke it is a real product, just saw it on TV and could not believe what I was hearing.

Quote of the year goes to Brian C. The advise he gave to a friend who cannot give up his bread and drags his heels on changing to a Paleo type diet, “Suck it up or suck it in”. An instant classic

heel strike

Friday 5/28/10

Naomi chases down Wade T. but falls out of POSE with an awesome heel strike.

Push press
5 rounds for time of:
30 double unders
15 toes to bar

This is a pretty sweet video, taking the hunter gatherer/ paleo lifestyle concept to the fullest. Which San Ramon Crossfitter does this guy remind you of? Tell me tomorrow.

If you hate the shoulder press as much as I do you should check this out. Bill Starr writes a good article on the quest for a stronger overhead press

Its awesome to see your guys progress. Some of the numbers you guys are putting up are very impressive, I better watch my back. I looked at the PR board today and it is out of control and on the verge of spilling over. Also when I say numbers I dont just mean the numbers on the white board, lots of you are wasting away to nothing and its really great to see.  Keep eating right, and kicking ass during workouts.You guys rock.

Speaking of kicking ass, its about time for another in house throwdown. I will keep you posted but it will prob be in 2 weeks or so on a Saturday after the 8:30 class. Be ready the last one was rought.

Once again I HIGHLY suggest getting the cook book from marks daily apple. I found out today nutrition genius and Chico native Robb Wolf has finally finished his book and its available on amazon for pre-order. If you havent read or heard any of his stuff shame on you. His blog is on my list of daily sites to check, he really knows his stuff. This book will be a great resource for all things paleo

Therapy man

Friday 5/21/10

Carol and Wade make a sweat angel with Carols creation. "Therapy Man"

By: Nikki
50ft. overhead walking lunge (45/25)
Power clean (95/65)
Knees to elbows

Coaches corner: The rep scheme for the workout is for the power cleans and knees to elbows. In between each round you must complete 50ft. of the lunges.

I love this series of posts that Mark from MDA is doing. This week he is writing about shoulder mobility. Today is part one and tomorrow is part too. Good stuff.

Here is another article reviewing crossfit. This one is more open minded then the first. Although I dont know if the author has actually done crossfit. I didnt know there was an END to crossfit, hopefully I never find it.

Should you stretch a sore muscle.

I put a sign up sheet by the office door today for the BBQ. Sign it next time your in. Im thinking the first weekend of June, how does that fit for everyones busy weekends?