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CFSR 3.11.18

Metcon – we have all heard the term…

But, what is it?

Metabolic Conditioning (metcon for short) is a style of CrossFit training with short sessions of higher-intensity training designed to increase metabolic demand and energy usage.  It is added to a training plan to take you to your training threshold, with short rest times to improve metabolic pathways.  Metcon is typically used as a workout “finisher”.

The goal of a metcon session should be to complete and sustain a high effort output over a short period of time, with as little rest as possible between workouts to make your body more energy-efficient.

How does it work?

Metcon follows either a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout with short periods of intense exercise followed by similar length at a lower intensity, or circuit training with various exercises performed back to back.

How will it help with fat loss?

Many studies have shown that metcon is great for fat loss because of increased fat oxidation, reductions in appetite, and the increase in muscular adaptations and the subsequent increase in lean body mass.

Short version: adding metcon to your program can intensify your fat loss efforts.

Some downsides to metcon is that it can often be misused.

Overall, metcon is a great way to work on areas you didn’t include in your main workout such as squats, pushing or pulling.

Add metcon to your training and challenge yourself by starting the workout below:

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September PRs!!!

Tuesday 10/5/10

Keep it up!

4 rounds 2:30 min each
Run 400m
Max reps kb swings (53/36)

How to jump the shark with fih oil and moderation

This is crazy

Heres some videos from the  weightlifting comp we did this weekend

Sina 1st Kris 1st Chris 2nd Dusty 2nd



Saturday 3/6/10

Kim and Naomi take on Cindy

Saturday 3/6/10

for time:
30 snatches (135/95)

coaches corner: These can be either power or squat snatches.

Isabel, Josh Everett [wmv][mov]

I was looking for some new music for the gym today on youtube and came across this cool video. Crossfit and my favorite band Incubus, you cant go wrong.

10 reasons why Crossfit San Ramon members are AWESOME!:
10. You show up early for a 5:30am class.
9. You are really good at reading my horrible hand writing, “whats an inch form?”
8. Your so excited to see tomorrows workout that you start checking the website at 5 and continuously check until I finally put it up. “why does it take Dusty so freaking long to put up the website?”
7. Since joining crossfit your talks at the dinner table have gone from “how was your day” to “what time did you get on the WOD”.
6. You keep your old gym membership for shower usage, were working on that.
5. You pour salt on each others hand tears to see who can take it the longest.
4. When you go to get a manicure they ask you if you do manual labor for a living because you are so beat up.
3. You friends and family that are not crossfitters refuse to be around you when crossfit is brought up because they are sick of hearing about burpees, thruster, and some girl named Fran
2. I see many of the couples here at the same time without the kids, whos babysitting……………………………
1. You always say thank you when you leave. Even though 10 minutes earlier you were laying in a pool of your own sweat and or vomit thanks to one of our workouts.
You guys are awesome!!!!!



Monday 8/31/09

Tim having fun on Jib skate skiis at Tahoe Donner.  Those are Cross Country Skiis!

Tim having fun on Jib skate skiis at Tahoe Donner. Those are Cross Country Skiis!

Monday 8/31 WOD “BWB 4×4”

One of Tim’s inventions – patterned after his metcon training for Cross Country Ski racing.

4×4 minute intervals with 3 minute rest inbetween each interval.

4 minutes with as many rounds as possible of:
15 Box Jumps
10 Wall Balls
5 Burpees

Coaches Corner:  4 minute intervals are a staple in many endurance programs.  Here we introduce 4 minute met.con intervals.  To get the most benefit from this workout perform your 1st interval at about 85% of max, 2nd at 90%, 3rd at 95% and 4th at 100%.   Done properly your number of rounds completed in each interval will incease just slightly from one round to the next.  Your score will be the number of rounds completed for in the whole series.