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Spotlight On – Anna

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1. How many years have you been doing Crossfit, and how many Opens have you participated in?

3 yrs, this is my first Open.

2. Why did you decide to do the Open this year?

I’ve avoided it for 2 years, mainly because I have so much to work on, technique-wise. I decided I may as well give this a try and see what the hype is all about!  I am only able to do the scaled exercises and they have proven to be extremely challenging for me, especially since it’s allergy season. I’m glad I finally signed up for the Open and am quite surprised that I’m ranking fairly respectable in my age category.

3. What’s your goal for the 2017 Open?

To finish each challenge and not pass out. So far, Goal Accomplished. I walked away alive each time.

CFSR 1.7.2017

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We sincerely appreciate all the generosity! Keep the coats, hats, scarves and blankets coming in through Jan 10th!

CFSR 11.16.2016

Fit Tip for the Day – No Caffeine, eat an apple instead!


Great work, Kevin!!

CFSR 9.10.2016



Each class today will do Luke in support of “Lift Up Autism”

 The above link is where you can donate!

WOD 7/25/16

Cashew Cheese and Pomegranate Filled Acorn Squash

Cashew Cheese and Pomegranate Filled Acorn Squash

Functional….kind of

Friday 4/23/10

This is what we will be working out in tomorrow.

Change in plans for tomorrow. Hopefully Saturday we can do some snatches.
4 rounds for time:
Run 400. (Around the building)
25 burpees

Laurie Galassi from CrossFit Santa Cruz – 22:12 on today’s WOD – video [wmv] [mov]

Marathon motivation differes between sexes.

NEW GYM UPDATE. I took a break from working on the new place to do the website. Tomorrows workout will take place in the new place. It is not 100 percent complete but it will be able to hold a class and Im doing my best to make it as easy as possible for you guys to work out tomorrow.  Thank you for the patience. .

I know a lot of you are fans of Marks daily apple. He is coming out with a cook book. Here is a preview of what will be in it.

Eat meat, lift heavy stuff, repeat…

Friday 4/8/10

We all have tried, you can't move the KB with your mind. Maybe Scotts aikido skills double as Jedi skills.

Olympic total:
Clean and jerk

If you feel you need to get the heart rate going and there is enough time left in class we will do some tabata rowing after. The goal is to get to 1000 meters in the 8 tabata cycles.

coaches corner: This is just like the crossfit total but with the 2 olympic lifts. First we will establish a 1 rep max in the snatch and then establish a 1 rep max in the clean and jerk. Your total is the sum of the 2 lifts.

A work on “prescribed” or the allusive “RX”D”. The “prescribed” weight is meant to be hard. I think its good having a “prescribed” because it pushes you maybe that much more then you would have on your own. Even if it means doing thrusters with 70 in stead of 65 lbs. That being said try not to get caught up in thinking that not doing the workout RXd is not getting the full workout. The beauty about crossfit is that 1 person may do the workout with 20lbs, one with 100 lbs, and one with 200 lbs. There is a big difference in weights but what all 3 people share in the workout is INTENSITY. What were shooting for on most WODs is intensity so choose the weight that lets you optimize your intensity. Say one day we do Diane, 21-15-9 225 deadlift and handstand pushups, and Joe Schmo takes it on with a 2 max reps handstand pushups and a max deadlift of 265. After many sets of 1 and 2 and l0ts of ugly deadlifts, he eventually finishes the workout but it takes him 35 min while everyone else finished under 10, sure he did it “RXd” but didn’t near the intensity he would have if scaled it down to 185 and used and abmat or 2 for the pushups. So again try to not get too concerned on whether you did it “RXd” and try to be more concerned on finding a weight that optimizes safety and intensity, thats what Tim, Travis, and I are for.

One more word on “RXd”, since you have to write your times and weights down yourself in the evening classes I have noticed that sometimes people write RXd when its not fully “RXd”. Prescribed means that you didnt change anything in the workout and you completed all reps to the standards of that workout. So even if you used the prescribed weight on the bar but used a band on pullups it isnt “RXd”

Saw this and thought it was perfect given the argument I had yesterday with 2 Olympic weightlifters that all meat is the same. A review of grass vs. grain fed beef.