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CFSR 9.1.2016


CrossFit Kids enjoying CFSR Oakland A’s night out!  Coach A & Coach A!


CFSR 8.31.2016


These three!  Ryan, James and Coach Jess!  Thanks for adding so much to the CFSR community!





  1. When did you join CrossFit San Ramon and why?

I Started CrossFit around 3 years ago when I lived in Michigan as a way to work out and meet new people. I joined CrossFit San Ramon in July 2015 when I moved back home to California. I was referred by one of my best friends and I love it here!

  1. What positive changes have you felt, noticed, etc.?

Where do I even start! Physically I am stronger than I have ever been. I am able to do things I never thought possible but the best changes have been mentally and emotionally. I went through a very difficult divorce last year and CrossFit literally saved my life. Every emotion I had, I put it on the bar and squatted it, jerked it, lifted it, and got stronger! Getting through the challenging WODs showed me that I could get through anything, in and out of the gym. My life has changed drastically since starting CrossFit and that would never have happened in a conventional gym.

  1. What keeps you coming to CrossFit San Ramon?

The community. The people here are amazing! My first class I was welcomed with open arms. Everyone cheers for each other and pushed you to be your best! I always walk out of gym in a great mood!

CFSR 8.30.2016


Tarek and Rai enjoying a post WOD shirt-less sesh.  Nice work, guys!


CFSR 8.28.2016


Karen Smith enjoying some fun pulls during a Sunday Advanced Class


CFSR 8.27.2016


A big THANK YOU to Out of the Cave for delivering us fresh, healthy, paleo meals each week so we can have an easy food fix when needed!



Spotlight on Josh C


Spotlight On – Josh C!


Q.  How long have you been a Crossfitter and why did you start?

A.  I have been crossfitting for 2 years.  I have always loved fitness.  I started Crossfit for the challenge, something different but the thing I like the most is the community and everyone supports one another no matter your level of fitness

Q.  Since you started, have you seen any positive changes in your body, mind or health in general?

A.  Yes, I’ve never felt better!

Q.  What is your favorite part of CrossFit San Ramon?

A.  The People.  The coaches are great and the community just makes you want to be better!


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