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WOD 7/25/16

Cashew Cheese and Pomegranate Filled Acorn Squash

Cashew Cheese and Pomegranate Filled Acorn Squash

“He who makes a beast of himself, gets rid of the pain of being a man”

Carol clearly loves rowing because she is the only person I know that can smile that big while on a Concept2

Sunday 5/1/11
Rest day/ mobility WOD

The truth about gluten

Is fish oil linked to prostate cancer?

Its all in the hips

Tomorrow is the last day of the crossfit open. We will have 8 or 9 of you guys taking it on so if you want to come cheer them on stop by around 1. Everyone has put out great effort so lets keep it up on this last WOD and see if can sneak into that top 30 spot and get our team to regionals.

When the open ends, life begins

Happy easter!

Kristin doesnt let front squats get in the way of striking a pose for the camera

Sunday 4/24/11
Rest day/ Mobility WOD

How to breather correctly

Why almost everything you hear about medicine is wrong

Always a good watch


cough…cherry pickers….cough cough

Lots of stuff goin on. Brian on his way to a score of 93, Kevin checking the clock, Trudy is not impressed, Jeanine takes breaks between pullups to get in the picture, and Im forging elite judging

Sunday 4/17/11
Rest day/ Mobility WOD

The good stuff

How noise impacts your health

Does anyone know who the people are in the video?

Good job by everyone who cheered and took on WOD 4. Congrats to Kevin who joined the world of muscle ups with his first muscle up. There was a great energy in the gym with everyone cheering and trying there hardest. Great community building day! Keep it up CFSR

Its ok our scores dont matter anyways

March PRs keept it up guys

Sunday 4/3/11

Rest day/ Mobility WOD

Fruits and veggies may prolong your life

16 tips for desk jockeys

Pretty funny, but if you are offended please yell at Joe D for sending me the link. The asian squat, heels down weight over the center of the food.

Awesome words to live by

I finally figured out how CF designed there website for the open

Uncle Rhabdo

Dave and Sarah saw this. A weight loss place between subway, taco bell, papa johns, and burger kind. Start your diet right with a chalupa and a large pizza....

Sunday 1/16/10

Rest day/ Mobility WOD

This is medifast.

Would have been better for yesterdays post but still good. Looking at rhabdomyolysis.

Keep the lights low before bed

Inspiring stuff

Sat Feb 12th at 10am we will be hosting a fun raiser for St. Judes children hospital. The event will consist of a WOD with RXd and scaled heats. Its a $10 buy in and extra donations are encouraged, all money goes to St. Judes. The event is welcome to everyone so let your friends know so they can come check out what Crossfit is all about. I encourage all of you to attend and participate in the WOD. I have some good ideas for what it will be…..

Im not crying theres something in my eye

Holiday party was a great success. Thanks to everyone who made it out!

Sunday 12/12/10

Rest day / Mobility WOD

The whole grain scam. Warning its very long

5 great quotes about doctors and medicine

You better hope your business card isnt better then his. Do you like Huey Lewis and the news?

This guy is awesome

Thank you to everyone who came out to Brians house for the holiday party.  Crossfit is an awesome community of people and last nights party was proof. Think back to your globo gym days, could you imagine actually wanting to hang out with 30-40 other people from the gym, heck most people only talk to 10 max and its usually about how many sets of preacher curls they have done. Its awesome to see the bonds everyone makes while suffering over burpees and torn hands, were like one super elite fitness family.  I hope everyone had a great time because I know I sure did, thanks for being an AWESOME group of people and making it actually fun to wake up at 4:30 every morning. Also please be sure to thank Brian C for opening up his house to us and decorating his lawn with Wades key chain lights.