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WOD 7/25/16

Cashew Cheese and Pomegranate Filled Acorn Squash

Cashew Cheese and Pomegranate Filled Acorn Squash

WOD 5.16.16 CFSR

BBrazil Shopping Event – May 24th

Crossfit4Capes – June 12th



Grilled Romaine Hearts with Bacon & Celery Salt Ranch

Be strong

The 10:30 class is very “special”

Tuesday 8/30/11
Against a 12 min clock:
50 Hand release pushups
Run 1200m
50 Thrusters (45#)
Max reps double unders

What do you think? Do little girls need diet books?

Central governors part one: Strength

Weight gain hits women after marriage, men after divorce

No comment needed

 Chuck Norris, when clean shaven, radiates the heat of three suns

Whats your excuse?

Shana throwin around 90lbs, no big deal. Oh also after week 4 the only CFSR team member in the top 100 in norcal!!!

Thursday 4/21/11
Weighted ring dip
Thruster (95/65)
Bar facing burpee

Fructose and cancer

Basic knife skills

This dude is LEGIT!

Forging elite rapping

2 weeks left of thise crossfit open thing. Team CFSR has sme ground to make up if we want to make it in the top 30 so lets hit these last 2 hard. As usual let me know when you will be doing the WOD

You may have seen the poster up at the gym but Ill post it on the site anyways. Lets get a team together to take on the tough mudder this year. We missed out on the one last year but we have plenty of time until the next one. Its not until September 17th but you can still sign up early. A couple of people have already said they want in so let me know. It looks tough….





Its scientific fact!

Saturday 8/14/10

New research suggests that crossfit shorts also automatically take 2 minutes off your time. Shorts + shirtless takes a whopping 5 minutes off!!

Weighted pullup
4 rounds for time:
10 pistols
15 ring dips
20 overhead squats (95/65)

coaches corner: The pullups will be dead hang.

3.4 million old butcher. They know there way around some meat.

Speaking of butchers, Aug 27-29th in at Jack London Square they are having something called the eat real festivle. There will be over 200 local business at the festical, all fresh and local foods. Probably the cooles and most bad ass thing will be a butchering contest on Saturday! Check it out if you are interested in going, looks like fun.

Did you think a regular pistol was hard?


What are on his feet?


Greg pulls 365 during the CF total today. PR by 40 lbs!

3 rounds for time:
Run 400
10 Power cleans (155/105)
20 Ring dips

The Women’s Competition at the 2010 CrossFit Games Alabama Qualifiers by CrossFit Again Faster – video [wmv] [mov]

The role emotions play in food.

Here is a good source if your a fan of your vibram five fingers or barefoot running. I think the best thing about vibram fingers, other then being comfy, is the looks you get when people see you walking around in them. It makes for a good laugh.

Friday 2/19/10

Friday 2/19/10

Lincoln loving the squat cleans

Chest to bar pullups
Sumodeadlift highpull (115/80)
Ring dips

High protein + resistance training for type 2 diabetics

Are you guys as tired of listening to the same couple playlists as I am? If so please bring in you ipods or CD’s with some workout mixes on them and Ill put them on. Lets keep it clean though not everyone loves working out to rage against the machine, some people prefer Beyonce……

This will be tomorrows WOD