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CFSR 2.03.18

Why You Should Incorporate Rowing In Your Workout

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Rowing has become popular lately with fitness enthusiasts because they are all discovering how simple, effective and amazing this workout can be. 

Rowing has some unique advantages over other forms of aerobic training that are often overlooked.

Some benefits of rowing are more muscle mass, greater range of motion, and efficiency.

The advantage of rowing is that more muscle mass is used doing the activity than while running, walking or biking. Your legs, glutes, abdominals, back, shoulders, and arms are all being worked. The actual amount of work being done, and the amount of power being generated, relates to how hard you push yourself. 

Unlike many forms of aerobic activity, rowing puts all your major body parts through a large range of movements.  In every stroke, rowing requires full compression and full extension of the arms and legs. 

Did you know…

-Rowing burns major calories and uses 86% of the muscles in your body?

-30 minutes of rowing can have the same physical impact as 90 minutes of cycling?

Ready to get rowing?   

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CrossFit San Ramon – CrossFit Skills


Tabata rowing or bike

-shoulder mobility

2 rounds

10 twisted scorpoin stretch

10 band pull aparts

20 leg clamps (ea. side)

Snatch complex (5×1 @ 90% of last weeks heaviest set)

Power snatch+ Snatch balance+ overhead squat

Metcon (Weight)

10 Minute EMOM

-3 power cleans
-NOT touch and go

-increasing weight

Accessory Work

3 rounds

16 dumb bell walking lunges ( must be in front rack position)

20 alternating bicep curls

12 ghd sit ups