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CFSR 11. 30. 2018 Don’t be up to your neck in charges!

He’s up to his NECK in charges, but you don’t have to be!!

Save on 2 on Ramps for only $75! and 25% off your first month if you sign up between 11/30 and 12/15

CFSR 11. 29. 2018 Gym acquisitions

We currently have a new standing chalk bucket in the Weightlifting area. With this in mind try not to spill chalk all over the floor and be cautious when you add chalk to your hands.

CFSR 11. 28. 2018 New member referral program.

Exclusive deal for all of our Current Members!!

For each person you refer to CFSR you’ll receive $20 store credit on your account when they sign up for a membership! Now through January 31, 2019 *Make sure your friend lets us know that YOU referred them!

CFSR 11. 27. 2018 Adopt a family update!

Thank you all that have chosen to help these families in need, currently we have received the following donations:

  1. Female age 8 play kitchen
  2. Male age 9 Shirts
  3. Female age 6 Doll
  4. Female age 31 Barnes and Noble Gift Card
  5. Male age 9 Pants size 8

But we still have a lot more gifts that need to be purchased, please help us in our journey to helping those in need.

CFSR 11.26.2018 Coach Jess

Aside from being an amazing athlete, Jessica Langro is a top notch

Personal Trainer and Coach!

She has earned the following certifications/credentials:

Level 2 CrossFit Coach

CrossFit Weightlifting

Aerobic Capacity Certification

Precision Nutrition Certification

CrossFit Gymnastics 

Coach Jess loves working with people of all different paths of life and different goals, working with women of all ages! Another area of strength for her is her ability to help clients with weightlifting technique and form!  If you’d like to reach some personal goals with a supportive trainer, give Jess a call!  Don’t forget to take advantage of our Personal Training sale this month for new clients!  925-998-1405

CFSR 11. 25. 2018 Motivation Sunday


Sunday is a great day to reflect on our week, to see what things could have gone better for us, what things we could have done to be better people and impact others. Stay focused on your dreams, on your goals and the things you want out of this life, but keep working on yourself on a day to day basis, so that you can achieve these things. Dreaming is the first part of achieving your goals, you have to work, and grind every day to accomplish these things.

CFSR 11. 24. 2018 Thanksgiving meal prep ideas.

For Saturday 11. 24. 2018 we will only be having one single training session at 9am\

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it would be a great idea to do some meal preparations for this upcoming week with your leftovers, don’t let those go to waste! Some good ideas to do are:

  1. Turkey sandwiches, lettuce, tomato and provolone cheese.
  2. Turkey served with rice and beans and potato salad.
  3. Turkey casserole.
  4. Breakfast omelette with sliced turkey, onions, peppers and ham.
  5. Burrito, with turkey salsa, and cheese.