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CFSR 9.29.2016

Lorraine & John – #amcrew


CFSR 9.15.2016

We wanted to give a big WELCOME to CFSR’s newest members:
Brandy D.
Molly D (xfit kids)
Jaiza V – spending a month with us from Puerto Rico
Matt F.
Welcome to the family!





Q.  How long have you been a Crossfitter and why did you start?

A.  I have been doing Crossfit for five years.  I started after finishing college and needed to make a lifestyle change.  Crossfit changed my life, I lost 62#!

Q.  Since you started have you seen any positive changes in your mind, body or health in general?

A.  Everything improved.  I was convinced that I didn’t have the body or strength to workout.  Since then,  I’m no longer pre-diabetic, I’m healthier and have self confidence that I lacked all my life.

Q.  What is your favorite part of Crossfit San Ramon?

A.  My favorite thing about CFSR is the community.  I’m generally a shy person and the people and coaches have really made me feel at home and have continuously challenged me.  The best decision I’ve made since moving to the area is coming here.




Q. When did you join CFSR & why?

A. I joined 2 1/2 years ago. I was looking for cardio workout to compliment my body building workouts so that I wont get bored.
Q. what positive changes have you felt, noticed, etc?
A. Thanks to crossfit San Ramon, I managed to drop from 17% body fat to 12 % without losing any muscle weight
Q. What keeps you coming to CFSR?

A. The workouts are always challenging and the coaches rock!

CFSR 9.8.2016



CFSR Community!




Spotlight On – MURAT

Q.  When did you start CFSR & Why?

A.  I started CFSR about 2 1/2 years ago.  I am 43 years old and have 2 daughters 10 & 12, that is hwy I started Xfit.  I want to make sure I am healthy and strong in case they have a boyfriend….

Q.  What positive changes have you felt, noticed, etc?

A.  I feel the strongest I felt in my entire life.  I played soccer my whole life but never felt this way.

Q.  What keeps you coming to CFSR?

A.  Coaches and the other Athletes.  It is a wonderful community!



Spotlight On – Adriana!


Q.  How long have you been a CrossFitter and why did you start?

A.  I’ve been crossfitting for almost 2 years now.  My husband Mario convinced me to try it out with my friend Alicia.  We loved it so much we convinced him to join too!

Q.  Since you started, have you see any positive changes in your body, mind or health in general?

A.  I love the amazing feeling I get after a great workout knowing that “I just did that!”  It blows my mind what I am capable of.  Not to mention dropping down a few dress sizes was pretty awesome!

Q.  What is your favorite part of CrossFit San Ramon?

A.  I love the friendships I’ve built and the great coaches.  It feels like family.