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CFSR 7.12.18

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The goals you have set for yourself will pay off along with your hard work! Let our coaches help you guide you to your success!

CFSR WOD 2.27.2013



Wednesday 2-26

5×5 Box Squat at 55% of your 3RM


 3 rounds

400 m run

21 Kettlebell swings 53/35

12 pull ups

“The pain passes, but the beauty remains.” Renoir

10 Health Lies and Misconceptions Spread by Mainstream Nutrition


RECIPE OF THE DAY: Homemade Gravlax

Sunday 8/16/09 Rest Day


Key Monestary Photo by Katie Herron 2008

Key Monestary Photo by Katie Herron 2008

Sunday 8/16… What are you doing to have fun?  Send us your pictures.
The Rocking Chair Test

 Need another boost of motivation? Anthony Robbins uses this Rocking Chair Test to propel his students to action.
Imagine yourself at 90 years old, sitting in a rocking chair and looking back over your life.

Imagine that you never accomplished the goals that are important to you. Feel the pain of loss and regret.
Now imagine that you did accomplish these important goals. Feel the pleasure of success and accomplishment.
Which scenario do you want to experience when you are 90?