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CFSR 1.29.2017

Happy Birthday Tim!

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CFSR 1.21.2017

Don’t run away from your goals, chase after them! 

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Fight Gone… ohh, cant say that!!


Partner Fight Gone Bad to 600 reps

1 min wall ball (30 seconds each)

1 min sumo deadlift high-pull 75/55   (30 seconds each)

1 min box jumps 24/20   (30 seconds each)

1 min push press   75/55  (30 seconds each)

1 min Row for Calories   (30 seconds each)

Teams will work 1 at a time 30 seconds per person on each exercise rotating exercises each minute.

Continue to 600 reps for the team total.

30 min time limit.

Coaches corner: Teams will continue doing 30 seconds each on each exercise then rotating to the following exercise until completing 600 total reps.

Unlike the individual version there will be no 1 minute rest period.

   How Grains are killing you slowly

Sleep Tips  

Fight Gone B…Mad! Really???

Grasshopper – Fear is the only Darkness!

Thursday 9/27/2012

Front Squat -(% of 1 rep max)

3@ 77.5%,  3@ 82.5%,  3@87.5%,  3@ 92.5%


For Time:

400m run

+ 3 rounds

2 Wall climbs

40 Grasshopper

10 Squat Cleans 135/95


400m run


Cleans Part 1

Vegetarian’s Life changed  

Monday 8/31/09

Tim having fun on Jib skate skiis at Tahoe Donner.  Those are Cross Country Skiis!

Tim having fun on Jib skate skiis at Tahoe Donner. Those are Cross Country Skiis!

Monday 8/31 WOD “BWB 4×4”

One of Tim’s inventions – patterned after his metcon training for Cross Country Ski racing.

4×4 minute intervals with 3 minute rest inbetween each interval.

4 minutes with as many rounds as possible of:
15 Box Jumps
10 Wall Balls
5 Burpees

Coaches Corner:  4 minute intervals are a staple in many endurance programs.  Here we introduce 4 minute met.con intervals.  To get the most benefit from this workout perform your 1st interval at about 85% of max, 2nd at 90%, 3rd at 95% and 4th at 100%.   Done properly your number of rounds completed in each interval will incease just slightly from one round to the next.  Your score will be the number of rounds completed for in the whole series.

Sunday 8/9/09 POSE Running Technique Clinic


Sunday 8/9: Running Technique Clinic 12:30-5:30pm

(Want in on the Clinic at the last minute?  Call 925-457-4587)

A Look Into the Oldest Sport: Running, Part I

Running is the most natural exercise. “All you need is a pair of shoes”. Is that really the case? Can anyone run?

Most of us probably know a runner who has stopped because of “bad knees” or “bad feet”. What causes someone’s body parts to go “bad”? Does running expose body flaws, or does the pain in the knee or foot expose a flaw in the running technique? What about those shoes that you “need”? Are they the cause or the cure? The answer could be a blend of these and many other factors.

In cultures, such as Kenya and Ethiopia, where people do much of their running barefoot, the injury rate in runners is much lower than their shod counterparts in the U.S. and Europe. Let’s examine why that might be. Read the Article…