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WOD 7/25/16

Cashew Cheese and Pomegranate Filled Acorn Squash

Cashew Cheese and Pomegranate Filled Acorn Squash

CFSR WOD 06.10.2013

4.4.2014 open 13.5 112

Monday 6-10-13

5×5 weighted pull ups

5×5 weighted push ups

“San Francisco Crippler”

30 Back Squats (225/155)
Row 1k or run a mile

“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.” Peter F. Drucker

Primal Cravings

RECIPE OF THE DAY: Slow Cooker Cajun Beef Chili 

What to do when there is no snow!

CFSR WOD 06.04.2013

5.15.13 Nutrition +630pm wade 032

Tuesday 6-4-13
EMOM 5min
Clean and Jerk @ 95%
5 Rounds
5 Cleans (185/125)
15 Pull Ups
20 Double Unders
Rest 2min
* Scored both on each individual round time and total time

“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” Oscar Wilde

CrossFit for Endurance: The “Fast” Road for the Long Haul

RECIPE OF THE DAY: Roasted Broccoli Soup

A Life Well Lived | Jim Whittaker & 50 Years of Everest from eric becker on Vimeo.

CFSR WOD 03.13.2013

7:30 pm  beginner class

7:30 pm beginner class

Wednesday 3/13/2013

Non Open Competitors- Establish a 3 Rep Max Thruster
Open Competitors 5×7 Unbroken Thrusters at (95/65)
3 rounds for time of:
5 Wall Walks
50 Double-Unders
5 Push Jerks 155/105#

“Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it.”

12 Year Old Vegan Has the Degenerating Bones of 80 Year Old


RECIPE OF THE DAY: Chili Lime Chicken Wings

Can Gluten Sensitivity Cause Bone Loss?

CFSR WOD 03.05.2013

Tuesday   3-5-2013
Spend 15 min working on HSPU and deficit HSPU and Handstand walks
– Then –
2 rounds
30 Wall Ball
20 Hang Power Clean (135/95)
30 Abmat situps
30 seconds Hard
30 seconds Easy
7 minutes 30/30 – follow with 3 minutes easy
repeat the 7 min/3 min cycle 3 times

“I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.” Robert McCloskey

13 Ways to Spend Less Time Online and Reclaim Your Real Life

RECIPE OF THE DAY:  Bacon Cookies?!

CFSR WOD 03.04.2013

Spend 15 min working on Kipping Pull ups and Bar Muscle ups
– Then –
Front Squats (185/115)

“Risk! Risk anything! Care no more for the opinions of others, for those voices. Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face the truth.” Katherine Mansfield

Omega-3s Inhibit Breast Cancer Tumor Growth, Study Finds

chocolate einkorn cookies

RECIPE OF THE DAY:  Chocolate Einkorn Sandwich Cookies with Coconut Cream

CFSR WOD 03.02.2013

Who do you think left this impression?

Who do you think left this impression?


All out 800m run for time

Rest 5min

All out 400m run for time

5 rounds for total reps of:

1 min. to complete

5 Power Cleans @ 155/105#
-with the remainder of the minute complete max#

 Split Jerks @ 155/105#

1 min.  Burpees

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” Confucius 

“We lost weight, but we gained so much more.”


RECIPE OF THE DAY:  Camp Fire Roast Chicken

Seth Godin at Gel 2006 from Gel Conference on Vimeo.