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CFSR 11.15.18

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CrossFit San Ramon – CrossFit

Back Squat (2×15 70%)

Fran (Time)

Thrusters, 95# / 65#

11.14.2018 weightlifting

CrossFit San Ramon – CrossFit Skills

Metcon (Weight)

5 min emom

1 power snatch

1 Overhead squat

1 snatch balance

1 full snatch


Snatch (2×65%, 2×75%, 1×85%, 1×90% record this one)

Metcon (Weight)

5 min emom

1 3- pos snatch

1 push jerk

1 split jerk

Clean and Jerk (2×65%, 2×75%, 1×85%, 1×90% record this)


CrossFit San Ramon – CrossFit

Accessory Work


bulgarian split squat – each leg

pendlay row

*Go heavier than usual with the small reps*

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

21 min amrap

25 wall balls 20/14

20 front rack lunge 75/53 (rx+) 115/75

15 med ball cleans

10 power snatch

CFSR 11.13. 2018

Execution on the Clean and Jerk requires a lot of effort in both parts of the movements. Some common errors are touching elbows on the clean, touching the platform with your knee, press out in the jerk, bar slamming, dropping the bar behind you in the jerk, as well as releasing the bar from above your head.

Below you can see a post from Speed Power Strength that focuses on some of these things that shouldn’t be done in a Clean and Jerk.

If you want to work on your technique towards the Right of Passage Weightlifting competition, please contact our new weightlifting coach for a one on one session:

Christian Rodriguez 787-587-9532


CrossFit San Ramon – CrossFit

Split Jerk (6×3 75%)

Metcon (Time)

5 rft

20 kb snatch 53/35 (rx+) 70/53

20 Air Squat

20 KB Swing

20 Sit Ups

16 min cap