YWL is going strong.  During Covid restrictions we sent equipment home with athletes and coach Ed continued to train them using Zoom.

We return back to full time in person training on Monday, October 16th!

There are a few spaces available for enrollment.

CrossFit WOD, October 16, 2021

10.16.2021CFSRs 13th anniversary celebration schedule: 8am class 9am Brunch 9:30am class FREE GUEST DAY!Warm-up100 M run soldier kicks, samson stretch, side lunge, high knees PVC warm upMetcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)"Community Standards" Partner Wod [...]

CrossFit WOD, October 15, 2021

10.15.2021Metcon (Time)Partner Wod I Go U Go 5 RFT 800 M Run 60 Air Squats 40 Push Ups 20 Pull Ups Do in order, divide work how you wish. 1 partner works, 1 partner rests [...]

CrossFit WOD, October 14, 2021

10.14.2021Get signed up for the Nutrition 101 Clinic 10/21 & the Upside Down Clinic 10/23!Mobility15 minutes with coach 200 m run, row, ski Foam Roll - hard plastic roller if you can handle it Lacrosse [...]

CrossFit WOD, October 13, 2021

10.13.2021Join Us Saturday for CFSR's 13th anniversary brunch! 8am class, 9am brunch, 9:30am class Free Guest Day!Accessory Work3x: 20 DB Front Raise Superset with 20 DB Tricep Ext. 10 Lateral Plank Walk - 10 push [...]

CrossFit WOD, October 12, 2021

10.12.2021If you missed yesterdays benchmark, you have until the end of the week to complete it. Click Add Performance under your name and search metcon "The Final" and choose the appropriate level.Warm-upbear crawl, side lunge, [...]

CrossFit WOD, October 11, 2021

10.11.2021This will be the first in a series of Coach Designed Benchmark workouts. This WOD will be repeated in 3 months - you'll re-do it at the level and movements you do today to gauge [...]

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