CrossFit WOD, June 29, 2020

6.29.2020Accessory WorkZoom & equipment free wod in place of Deadlifts 4x 10 second isometric towel DL between sets 6 hinge reach 4x 30 second stiff leg bridgeDeadlift (7x1 record heaviest)Metcon (Calories)2 min assault bike OR [...]

CrossFit WOD, June 28, 2020

6.28.2020Accessory Work3x 30 sec on 30 sec rest dumbbell press, superset 20 db high pulls Tabata Tricep Pull downs - band on rig Tabata Alternating leg grabsMetcon (Time)3 RFT 5 wall walks (sub inch worms [...]

CrossFit WOD, June 27, 2020

6.27.2020Accessory WorkZoom, At home workout, anyone not doing strength portion 4x8 Hamstring Curls Romanian Deadlift Bulgarian SPlit SquatBack Squat (5x3 record heaviest)Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)13 min amrap 20 Dumbbell Snatch 20 Dumbbell Shoulder [...]

CrossFit WOD, June 26, 2020

6.26.2020Metcon (Time)Rise and Grind Partner Wod For time - 40 min Cap Both partners work at the same time, divide work however you want and complete in any order. Run 2 miles (ex 16 - [...]

CrossFit WOD, June 25, 2020

6.25.2020Accessory WorkZoom, at home workouts or anyone not doing strength portion 3x10 using stick, PVC pipe or empty bar 10 Power Cleans 10 Squat CleansPower Clean (5x3 record heaviest)Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)8 min [...]

CrossFit WOD, June 24, 2020

6.24.2020Accessory WorkZOom, at home workouts, anyone not doing strength portion 4x10 second isolemtric Towel Deadlift between sets 10 second hinge reach then 3x 30 second stiff leg bridgeDeadlift (5x3 record heaviest)Jackie (Time)For Time: 1000m Row [...]

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