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Metcon (Time)
Choose one of the following 3
5 K Row/Ski
5 Mile Assault Bike
5 K Run
do both:
3×5 Bench
3×5 Back Squat
Bench Press (3×5)
Back Squat (3×5)
Nov 2020 Row 250M (Time)
Set rower to 250 M for exact time
Nov 2020 500m Row (Time)
Set rower to 500M for exact time
Nov 2020 1000M Row (Time)
Set rower to 1000m for exact time
Nov 2020 2000M Row (Time)
Set rower to 2000 meters for exact time
Total Distance Rowed (Distance)
Total Distance rowed in meters – using wodify, add previous total to new daily total and update as you go.