Mother’s Day SDW and Zoom 10am

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
Socially Distanced "Partner Wod"
35 min amrap
30 Devils press
Partner holds plank
30 V Ups
partner overhead hold
30 Thrusters
partner holds hinge reach
30 Power snatch
partner holds bottom of squat
30 push up
partner holds hollow position
*please note we cannot share equipment at this time, so bring your items. Ideally 2 – DB or 1 DB or 1 KB and a Mat!
We will maintain our minimum 6 feet distance from one another.
IF YOU ARE DOING THIS WITHOUT A PARTNER – spend equal time working and doing the holds. For ex if you spend 30 seconds doing thrusters, spend 30 seconds holding a hinge reach.